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Cheap acrylic sheets (XT)

At Plasticsheetsshop we offer a wide selection of cheap acrylic sheets, also known as Extruded Acrylic or Acrylic XT. Extruded acrylic is the affordable way to go for relatively stress-free applications. For example, it is suitable for windows and information displays. We can supply cheap acrylic in a thickness ranging from 2 to 20 millimetres and a maximum sheet size of 240 by 100 centimetres. Our range includes the colours: clear, opal and mirrored acrylic. Compared to cast acrylic the price advantage can be considerable. This is due to the production method where less raw material is needed to create the same amount of extruded sheeting. However, this cheaper production method does introduce internal tension into the finished product. This tension makes cheap acrylic sheets more prone to break or splinter during further processing at home. Cheap acrylic is the solid, affordable choice if no further alterations are required. And we are happy to cut any sheets to your exact requirements free of charge. This will ensure your work has smooth edges which are safe and true.

Characteristics of cheap acrylic sheets (XT)

Cheap acrylic, otherwise known as Extruded Acrylic or Acrylic XT, is made by pouring liquid raw material out into large sheets. Next, the acrylic sheets are heavily rolled until they reach the required thickness. Compared to cast acrylic, extruded acrylic has the advantage that less raw material is needed to create the same amount of finished product. The continuous rolling process does however result in a material with a higher level of internal tension. This tension is released whenever the product is sawn or drilled, and the risk of splintering and cracking will be much greater than with cast acrylic.

With the right preparations and tools, cheap acrylic sheets are still relatively easy to handle. Furthermore, extruded acrylic sheets are much stronger than traditional glass. They are 30 times more impact resistant even though they only weigh half as much. Cheap acrylic is a smart choice for static applications which are likely to involve little mechanical stress, such as townhouse windows, greenhouses, as well as shop displays. If you are planning a DIY project and you are not sure if cheap acrylic is the best choice for you, please contact us.