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Acrylic mirror sheets

Acrylic mirror sheets are the newest addition to our range of acrylic plastic. Like standard glass mirrors, acrylic mirror sheets have crystal clear mirror effect. And Acrylic has a few extra advantages. First of all, you have a choice from a range of colours allowing you to create unique decorative effects. Secondly, mirrored acrylic has the same characteristics as other acrylic varieties: the sheets are stronger and lighter than glass. This versatile product is also known as acrylic mirror or acrylate mirror. Our selection comes in a choice of six colours and two sheet thicknesses – 3 and 5 millimetres. Our silver coloured mirror acrylic is available in both thicknesses, whilst gold, bronze, anthracite, red and blue sheets are all 3 millimetres thick. Acrylic mirror sheets have many uses in interior and exterior construction projects as well as interior design and sign making.

Characteristics of acrylic mirror sheets

Acrylic mirror sheets are extruded acrylic sheets. Extruded acrylic is brought to the desired thickness by a repeated rolling process which minimises the amount of raw materials required. However, this multiple rolling also increases the internal tension within the product, making the finished product more prone to splintering. We therefore recommend being extra careful if you are planning on working with the material. Keep in mind, we are happy to cut any sheets to your exact requirements. This will ensure your work has smooth edges which are safe and true.

The big advantage of an acrylic mirror in comparison to a glass mirror is that the sheets are 30 times more impact resistant, and only half the weight of a glass mirror of the same thickness. Consequently, it will be easier to attach and cover a larger area with an acrylic mirror sheet. You can fasten a mirrored sheet by using double sided tape, adhesive or screw fixings. Extruded acrylic has two downsides. The first downside is that acrylic is more likely to get scratched. Scratches can be easily removed by polishing the surface. The second downside is that most alterations, like drilling, cutting or sawing, are difficult to accomplish. It’s not impossible for the experienced handyman, but keep in mind that internal tensions make the sheet more prone to breaking. If you still have questions about acrylic mirror sheets or how to implement them, please contact us.