Cost of secondary glazing

Are you planning to renovate your home or just want to reduce your energy bills? Secondary glazing is the solution for this. But what does it actually cost? On this page, we give you an overview of the expected costs.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing, as the name may suggest, is an extra window placed in front of an existing window. Not only does it provide extra insulation, but also soundproofing. Handy, right?

Secondary glazing for stained glass window with clips
Secondary glazing for stained glass window with clips
Secondary glazing with clips
Secondary glazing fixed installation

The cost of acrylic secondary glazing

To give you a good idea of the cost of our acrylic secondary glazing, we have chosen some common sizes and calculated the price for these.

Size of window Price Excl. VAT
100 cm x 100 cm £42.95
60 cm x 60 cm £15.46
80 cm x 80 cm £27.49
60 cm x 40 cm £10.31
100 cm x 60 cm £25.77

In addition to the cost of the secondary glazing itself, we recommend opting for mounting with Glazing clips, these can be bought in our webshop for £ 4.74 Incl. VAT for 4 pieces. The table below shows how many clips you will need.

Side in cm Clips per side
20 – 49 cm 2
50 – 89 cm 3
90 – 129 cm 4
130 – 169 cm 5
170 – 200 cm 6

Recommended products

Finally, for the best result, we recommend using insulating tape. This costs £ 5.94 Incl. VAT per roll of 25 metres.

Single-glazing secondary glazing prices

The basic version of a single-glazed secondary glazing provides some insulation and costs on average between £50 and £100 per m². Of course, this depends on the thickness of the glass.

Double-glazed secondary glazing pricess

This is for those looking for better insulation. Double-glazed secondary glazing usually costs between £100 and £150 per m².

Factors affecting the price

It is also important to think about installation costs. Depending on the complexity, installation costs can vary. For example, if you want to install an entire new window frame, the difficulty level is a lot higher than if you choose to install acrylic secondary glazing to your existing window.

Size and shape

The larger your window, the higher the cost of secondary glazing. Larger or unusually shaped windows can quickly drive the cost up. At Plasticsheetsshop, you can buy secondary glazing in any shape and size. Moreover, once you add your shape to your shopping basket, you will immediately see the price for your secondary glazing.

Advantages over traditional windows

Secondary glazing can often be installed faster and cheaper than traditional windows. In the long run, secondary glazing can be cheaper due to the savings on your energy bills.


Secondary glazing is a worthwhile investment for both comfort and savings. Costs vary, but with the right choice and considerations, you can definitely get value for money.