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White HPL sheets

HPL, or High Pressure Laminate, sheets are the first choice for handymen and professionals when it comes to exterior panelling. Trespa® and HPL sheets are commonly used to replace old, wooden fascias, roof edges and wall cladding panels. This material is also suitable for interior purposes in bathrooms and kitchens. The required sheet thickness depends strongly on the purpose of the sheet; therefore, we stock a wide range of thicknesses from 3 to 20 millimetres. The white HPL sheets have RAL number 9016 – traffic white. This is a solid base colour for many applications, but it is also possible to paint, or spray paint the sheets. HPL is also available in a variety of colours. Each HPL sheet can be cut to your required size and will be ready for delivery within 48 hours.

The properties of white smooth HPL sheets

HPL sheets have a tough core that consist of wood fibres forced together under high pressure. This results in a strong core that has the same qualities as hardwood. The core is covered by a rock-hard phenolic acid top layer. These layers are nearly unbreakable. In our range you will find our private label HPL sheets and HPL sheets from renowned brand Trespa®.

Originally, HPL sheets were designed for outdoor applications. Due to its characteristics HPL plastic is often used for exterior cladding on buildings, billboards and fascia boards. Despite HPL’s popularity for outdoor use, it is also suitable for interior applications like shower screens and kitchen splashbacks. The phenolic resin top layer has an extremely high molecular density which makes it impenetrable for dirt and moisture. This results in a material that is moisture, UV and temperature resistant. But it also causes the sheets to become relatively heavy and to work on the sheet requires proper, strong tools. The sheets are not easy to get through with a normal saw blade, therefore, we recommend you use a saw that is suitable for metal or hardwood. For drilling holes in the sheet, you can use a metal drill bit or the special HPL drill that is available in our online shop. If you are planning on fastening a heavy HPL sheet, we recommend you use Bostik adhesives and primers or the special HPL screws.

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30 years

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