Plastic exterior cladding

Plastic exterior cladding

Over the last 6 decades, plastic materials increased in popularity in residential and non-residential construction. It is safe to say, that plastic materials surpassed traditional construction materials like bricks and wood. Especially when it comes to exterior wall cladding, such as façade panels and fascia boards. Plastic exterior cladding has so many advantages that it will most likely replace wooden exterior cladding altogether. Besides the advantages of the material, plastic exterior cladding also offers a wide range of possibilities. In this blog article we will explain the different sorts of plastic exterior cladding and their advantages.

Market leader: Trespa®

HPL started its advance in residential construction in the mid-eighties. Many fascia- and bargeboards are carried out in this maintenance-free material, more commonly known as Trespa®. A growing number of houses and garages have a sturdy white Trespa® finish. Aince the ’80, Trespa® also serves more decorative purposes, such as gables and tympanums. The brand also expanded with more colours and finishes. Even though Trespa® became a synonym for HPL sheets, there are several different manufacturers for this material. also stocks their own private label HPL sheets.

First-class and maintenance-free plastic wall cladding

The properties of HPL material make it well-suited for outdoor applications. During the production process, the material is pressed together under a high temperature and under high-pressure. This results in a rock-hard top layer that is virtually impenetrable for moisture and dirt. Additionally, this process makes the material impact-resistant and vandalism proof. Cleaning the HPL or Trespa® sheets is a piece of cake. Warm water with a drop of Kenotek cleaner and a soft brush work wonders for the yearly clean. The top layer is also UV-resistant, preventing the sheet from discolouring due to exposure to sunlight. This makes it unnecessary to paint HPL sheets. And if the sheet is ever vandalised with graffiti, you can simply clean it off.

A variety of colours and finishes for exterior cladding and fascia boards

World’s most renowned manufacturer of HPL sheets is the Dutch company Trespa®. Their wide product range include finishes like coloured, matt, glossy and textured, making the possibilities almost endless. Famous architects and builders are regular wholesale customers of these HPL sheets. Trespa® is no longer just a practical replacement for wooden wall cladding, the multifunctional material can also be applied for decorative purposes. Indoors or outdoors, HPL is suited for it all.

DIY: replacing exterior wall cladding

HPL sheets have a reputation for being difficult to work with. However, with the right tools and proper preparations you can easily handle the material yourself. For installing HPL sheets you can choose to use a screw or adhesive connection. Bostik Paneltack adhesive creates a strong bond and is easy to apply using a caulking gun. We recommend to pre-treat underlying surfaces and HPL sheets with a primer before making an adhesive bond. You can use Bostik Paneltack primer to prepare aluminium surfaces or Bostik SX black primer for wooden surfaces. In our assortment you will find special Trespa® screws that come in the exact same RAL colours as the HPL sheets, this results in an almost invisible screw connection. You will also find an HPL drill that has the perfect size for drilling the holes for the Trespa® screws. Read more about exterior cladding panels.