Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm

Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm

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Description Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm

Acrylic sheet is widely used as a replacement for glass. It is not only just as clear, but also much cheaper, twice as light and thirty times stronger than ordinary glass. This Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet is clear in colour and 2mm thick. This makes this material suitable for various applications, such as table decoration or shower screens. You can also use it as display cases. Do you want to process it in various ways without any worries? Then we recommend that you opt for a moulded acrylic sheet.


Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheets have a number of important properties. The sheet is clear in colour and has a maximum surface area of 305 x 205 cm. The sheet has no thickness tolerance; this means that the thickness of the plate does not actually differ from the thickness stated on this page: 2mm. The sheet has a high UV resistance and is weather resistant.


Product uses

  • Chemically resistant
  • Light sheet material
  • Moisture-proof
  • UV resistant

Processing options

Budget acrylic sheet is made from extruded acrylic (XT). Due to the method of production, there is more tension on the sheet, which means that it can tear faster during processing. Drilling, hot bending, milling, engraving, glueing, polishing and sawing are all possible, but be extremely careful. Do you want to do much processing? Then we recommend that you opt for a moulded acrylic sheet. With these sheets, the chance of cracking is minimal.


Budget acrylic sheet is UV resistant. This means you can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. Think for example of kitchen splashbacks, windbreaks and door canopies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, this clear acrylic sheet is UV resistant. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Plexiglass (acrylic sheet) is not real glass, but a type of plastic. This makes it cheaper, twice as light and thirty times as strong as regular glass. The difference with real glass is virtually invisible, thanks to the clarity and high light transmittance of the Plexiglass. In addition, Plexiglass, in contrast to ordinary glass, is easy to process. It does not shatter, making the processing options endless. Just like the different colours, thicknesses and dimensions in which you can buy Plexiglass.
  • This acrylic sheet is resistant to temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Budget acrylic (XT) sheet is more difficult to machine than sheets of cast acrylic (GS). This is because the budget acrylic sheet is more stressed. This allows the sheet to crack during processing. Do you want to be able to process the acrylic without any worries? Then we recommend you view our moulded acrylic sheets.
  • XT sheets are extruded acrylic sheets (XT). There is more tension on these budget sheets, which means they can crack if you process them. The GS sheets are moulded acrylic sheets. These sheets are stress-free, making them suitable for processes such as sawing, drilling, milling and (hot) bending.
  • In order to easily calculate which acrylic sheet is most suitable for your application, we have developed the thickness calculator aid. Choose a vertical or horizontal installation and look up the length and width that you have in mind in the table. Then you have the thickness that you need. No legal rights can be derived from the thickness calculator aid so if you want to be sure that you have selected the correct thickness, then please contact us for advice.

Are you wondering whether the Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm is suitable for your project? Then order a sample. Then you can take your time to consider it, without having to order a whole sheet.


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