Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm

Clear extruded (XT) acrylic sheet 2 mm

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This extruded cheap acrylic sheet is transparent and has a thickness of 2 mm. The material is suitable for a limited amount of processing. If your project requires you working on the acrylic sheet, we would advise you to buy cast acrylic plastic. If you are not planning to alter the surface of the material, this extruded acrylic sheet will be a good option. This sheet is covered by a protective film and will be cut to size before delivery.

Lightweight and strong
Acrylic weighs 50% less than regular glass, and still it is a lot stronger: compared to glass, acrylic is 30 times as impact resistant. It takes a lot of force to break an acrylic sheet, but when is does break, it cracks in a clean line and will not splinter like glass. In comparison to glass, acrylic has a higher transparency and lets through more light. This will be especially apparent when comparing thicker acrylic and glass sheets.

Weather resistant
Acrylic’s strength makes it ideal for outdoor applications, such as wind breaks and skylights. For these purposes it also helps that acrylic is UV and weather resistant. Because of the dense surface, water and dirt won’t stick. Regular cleaning with an anti-static plastic cleaner is recommended to prevent the acrylic sheet from attracting dust.

Easy to process
Acrylic is easy to work with, but there is a clear difference between cast and extruded acrylic sheets. Extruded acrylic sheets are less suitable for certain processing. The reason for this lies in the production method: it is cheaper but also increases the internal tension in the sheets. This tension makes extruded sheets prone to breaking when you drill or saw them. This is an extruded sheet, so be careful if you are planning on working on it. This sheet is covered by a protective film to protect it from damage during transport and handling.

Cheap acrylic sheets have a few important characteristics. The following aspects are good to know about our cheap acrylic sheet:

  • This is an extruded acrylic sheet (XT)
  • Colour: transparent
  • Maximum sheet size: 305 x 205 cm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • This sheet does not have a thickness tolerance
  • Double sided: both sides can be used as visible side and have a protective film to protect them during transport and handling
  • UV resistance: High
  • Heat resistance: Low
  • Weather resistance: high

Cast acrylic is better suited for processing than extruded acrylic sheets. Extruded sheets contain more internal tension due to the production method, therefore they are more likely to break. This is an extruded sheet, so it is important to be careful when working on it.

  • Bending (when heated)
  • Milling
  • Engraving
  • Gluing
  • Polishing
  • Sawing
  • Mattifying

The acrylic sheet is UV resistant, therefore it is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Often, acrylic is used as a replacement for glass because it is lightweight, strong and has a high transparency.

  • Display cases
  • Shower screens
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Secondary glazing
  • Door canopies
  • Windbreaks
  • Nameplates


Specific mass gr/cm3 1,18
Mechanical properties (at 20°C)
Flexural strength N/mm 117,7
Stretch to breakage % 5.5
High pressure strength N/mm2 117,7
E. Modules N/mm2 3188
Indentation strength J/m2 29,4
Impact resistance KJ/m2 19,6
Tensile strength N/mm2 73,7
Friction coefficient 0,54
Water absorption at 20°C RV 65% % 0,26
Water absorption at 20°C RV 100% % 0,30
Thermal properties
processing temperature (Vivat) °C 110
Melting temperature °C 168
Linear expansion coefficient °C 80.10-6
Thermal conduction W/(k.m) 0,19
Specific heat KJ/(kg.K) 1,47
Maximum permissible temperature, without load °C 70
Minimum permissible temperature, without load °C -40
Electrical properties
Dielectric contstant 3,5
Dielectric loss factor tg 0,02-0,06
Breakdown voltage kV/mm 30
Surface resistance Ω not measurable
Specific resistance Ω.cm >10 13
Clear extruded XT acrylic sheet

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