DIY PERSPEX® coffee table

A transparent acrylic coffee table is the perfect fishing touch in an ultra-modern, minimalist living space. As an affordable alternative to expensive brand names, why not make your own coffee table? You can do this by just bending a clear acrylic sheet, using a bending machine for the best result. This blog will explain how you can make your own transparent coffee table with a bending device or paint burner.

Requirements for making a PERSPEX® coffee table:

Making a DIY PERSPEX® coffee table: the basics

In this example, we’re going to make an acrylic coffee table with dimensions 80 cm in length x 50 cm in width x 40 cm in height. We’re using 8 mm thick black acrylic sheet measuring 50 cm x 160 cm. To create ‘legs’ on this PERSPEX® coffee table, we’re going to bend the acrylic sheet using a special bending machine.

Make your own acrylic coffee table with a bending machine

If you have an acrylic bending machine available, this is the easiest way to bend the acrylic sheet. If you’d like to undertake more acrylic furniture making projects, but don’t have a bending machine, one of these devices would be well worth buying. We explain how to make your own coffee table with a large bending machine in the steps below.

  • Switch on your bender and allow it to heat up.
  • Peel off the protective film from each side of the acrylic sheet.
  • Determine the width of the ‘legs’, mark the folding line and place the acrylic on your bending machine.
  • Set the number of degrees on the bending jig.
  • Allow the acrylic sheet to heat up.
  • Pull gently on the end of the acrylic sheet occasionally to see if you can bend it yet.
  • Allow the bent acrylic sheet to cool down for a while so that it retains its new shape.
diy perspex coffee table with a bending machine

Making a PERSPEX® coffee table using a paint burner

  • Plug your paint burner into an electrical outlet.
  • Remove the protective film from the acrylic sheet on both sides.
  • Ensure the outflow opening of the paint burner is at least 5 cms from the acrylic’s surface.
  • Slowly move the paint burner along the bending line, being sure to heat the fold line evenly.
  • Pull lightly on the end of the sheet occasionally to see if the acrylic sheet is bendable.
  • When you’ve heated the acrylic enough, place a bar along the bend line to make sure the fold is straight.
  • Allow the folded acrylic sheet to cool down for a while so that it retains its new shape.
diy perspex coffee table with paint burner

More DIY coffee table ideas

Naturally, you have the option of making a transparent coffee table rather than a black one. Just replace the 8 mm black PERSPEX® with an 8 mm transparent acrylic sheet. Or check out our range of coloured acrylic for more ideas. To prevent your PERSPEX® coffee table from attracting dust, we recommend cleaning it regularly with Burnus anti-static cleaner.

diy perspex coffee table end result
DIY perspex coffe tabele end result

Ordering clear acrylic sheet for a homemade coffee table

If our blog has inspired you to make your own acrylic coffee table, explore our webshop. You’ll discover a wide range of clear, coloured and tinted acrylic sheet in various sizes and thicknesses. Not sure what thickness you need? Please take a look at our free thickness aid. We saw all sheets cut to size for you free of charge. If you have a question about this blog or one of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.