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White PVC foam sheets

At Plasticsheetshop.co.uk we stock a large range of white PVC foam sheets, also known as foam board or Foamex. The sheet thickness varies from 2 till 19 millimetres thick and the sheets have a slightly textured top layer. Foamed PVC weighs 50% less than solid PVC and they are very easy to work with. It is an ideal material for any do-it-yourselver. Foamed PVC sheets are UV resistant, but only suitable for indoor applications. The sheets come with a protective film on one side to protect them during transport and handling. PVC foam sheets are also available in a variety of colours. The foamed PVC sheet will be cut to size free of charge and will be ready for delivery within 48 hours.

Characteristics of PVC sheets

PVC is short for Poly Vinyl Chloride and can be divided into two different kinds: foamed PVC and solid PVC. Solid PVC is an engineering plastic with a good chemical resistance and it has electrically insulating qualities. Foamed PVC is significantly lighter than solid PVC and consists out of a foamed core with two dense top layers. The sheets are widely implemented in the advertising industry, since they are suitable for printing and painting. Both solid and foamed PVC are easy to handle: gluing, painting, sawing, cutting and drilling offer no problems. Additionally, both versions are easy to clean and don’t need a lot of maintenance. We stock the necessary cleaning products in our online shop.


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