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DIY: Make Your Own Wall Clock

DIY wall clock

The tick-tock of a clock is what makes a house a home. And it’s even better when the clock is one that you’ve made yourself! In this DIY, we give you step by step instructions on how to make a clock from acrylic sheet. You can also extend it to create a key rack, perfect for the hallway.

Requirements for the acrylic clock:

Step 1: Order the acrylic sheet for your wall clock

There are countless ways to tackle making a DIY wall clock, from using a china plate as the clock base to crafting a minimalist clock from wood. We’re using matt acrylic sheet to give a sleek look, and we’re going to extend it with a useful key or coat rack. The ideal finishing touch for your hallway! The first step is to choose a colour of acrylic sheet that complements your decor. We cut the sheet to the size you require for free, so all you have to do is to drill the holes and attach the clock movement.

Step 2: Drill the holes

Before you start drilling, it’s helpful to think of exactly what you need. For example, are you going to extend your wall clock with a key rack? If so, you must consider how many brackets you need for this. Also, decide exactly where you want to position the clock movement and stick masking tape on the points where you’re going to drill.

Useful to know:
Since you’re going to drill the acrylic sheet, it’s important to use cast acrylic (GS) and not extruded acrylic (also known as budget acrylic, or acrylic XT). Due to the production process of the extruded variant, more tension is placed on the panel. This makes it more difficult to process because it increases the risk of breaking.

Step 3: Attach the clock movement

Now insert the clock through the acrylic sheet and tighten the hands. Then attach the brackets for your key rack. Because we’re going for an industrial look, we’re using matte black brackets but naturally, you can choose brackets to suit your taste.

Step 4: Hang the DIY clock

Now it’s time to find the best place to hang your homemade clock. Because we don’t want to drill any more holes, we’re using self-adhesive strips. You could also opt to use spacers.

Making a square clock

Would you rather make a square clock? Simply order the acrylic sheet with the measurements you require and we will saw the sheet in a square for you free of charge. All you have to do after this is drill a hole in the middle and attach the clock.

Making a clock for the nursery

Another idea for making a clock is to make one for the nursery. For example, choose acrylic sheet in a beautiful fluorescent shade and extend it to create a children’s coat rack instead of a key rack.

Ordering acrylic sheet?

In our webshop, you will find moulded acrylic sheets in a wide range of thicknesses and colours. We saw the panels to size for you free of charge. Not sure about the thickness? Consult our free thickness guide or contact us for free advice.

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