DIY wallpaper panel

DIY wallpaper panel

A wallpaper panel made of foamed PVC is an ideal way to add a designer touch to your decor. Wallpaper panels are perfect for renters or anyone who likes to change things around frequently. No need to get out your paintbrushes, it’s easy to change the ambience of your room according to your mood or to match the changing seasons.

Foamed PVC: the ideal sandwich panel

Foamed PVC is the perfect material for this job. These versatile and very affordable panels are also known as foamex. Foamed PVC consists of a plastic foam core, with a laminated layer on both sides. This material is ideal for making a wallpaper panel because it’s lightweight and wallpaper paste goes on easily.

Choose your wallpaper

We recommend choosing two patterns of wallpaper in contrasting styles. This gives you the opportunity of easily transforming the atmosphere in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

What type of wallpaper should I use?

The most popular types of wallpaper are paper wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper is strong, resistant to moisture and is easy to clean. Non-woven types are easy to apply and also to remove. Paper wallpaper is usually the cheapest type and is available in a vast range of patterns, textures and colours. Paper wallpaper is probably the best choice for this project. This type of wallpaper has the slight disadvantage of not being as strong as the other kinds, but for this purpose, it doesn’t present any problems. The foam wallpaper panel can easily be attached to the wall with carpet tape.

Getting started: apply the wallpaper to your panel

If you’ve gathered together everything you need, let’s get started. Making a DIY wallpaper panel is very easy. Cover the foam board with your chosen wallpaper using wallpaper paste. NB: with paper wallpaper, spread the paste on the wallpaper, not on the panel.

Attaching the decorative wallpaper panel

There are various ways of hanging wallpaper panels in your living room or bedroom. The simplest option is to mount the panel on your wall using adhesive strips. For a really professional finish, you can create a rebate in which the panel can be clicked into place. Rebates can be ordered readymade or you can cut one out yourself from a piece of wood. The illustrations below show how to attach a wallpaper panel using carpet tape.

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