Five unusual shaped mirrors to brighten your home

You can’t have enough mirrors in your home, especially not when it comes to unusual shaped mirrors! They’re a quick and easy way to brighten up any room in the house. One expert tip is to hang different shapes and sizes next to one another and create a mirror wall with a unique look. Here are five more inspirational ideas for custom cut mirrors in unusual shapes.

1. A triangular mirror – original and striking

A triangular mirror might not be the first image that comes to mind when you think of an unusually shaped mirror. But for a striking eye-catcher, the triangular mirror is absolutely perfect. To add even more interest, show off your mirror in an unexpected way. For example, cut a hole in a block of wood to create a frame for your triangular mirror. Or hang it above the bathroom sink and surprise your friends and family?

2. Custom cut hexagonal mirrors – graceful and elegant

Six-sided or hexagon mirrors have been fashionable for some time. Hanging hexagonal mirrors in groups is a top lifestyle trend at the moment. Mix gold-coloured six-sided mirrors with bronze, silver or chic anthracite to create a graceful and stylish mosaic.

3. Mirror heart shape – sweet and romantic

You have a range of options with a mirror heart. Lovely for a girl’s bedroom, but also perfect for hanging in a toilet or hallway, for example. Give it extra impact by making a DIY frame for it or hang your heart-shaped mirror on a coloured wall. Another idea: make a heart-shaped mirror from triangular mirrors, as in our example below.

4. Mirror circles in a range of colours – vibrant and playful

Mirror circles, like hexagonal mirrors, are fun to hang together in groups. Mix different sizes and colours for an eye-catching result. For example, combine gold mirror acrylic with bronze and silver. And for something really striking, try custom blue or red mirror circles. Or transform a round mirror into an animal mirror for the nursery.

Large round mirrors have another advantage: they reflect the natural light and make your living space seem much brighter and more spacious. Bear in mind that with large sizes, you must pay extra attention to ensure the surface on which you hang the mirror is completely smooth and flat. If not, the mirror may deform, creating a laughing mirror effect. If you’re going to glue the mirror, be sure to use a special mirror adhesive and apply it evenly. For the best result, we recommend screwing or clamping the mirror in a groove.

5. Half circle mirror – original and daring

One of the most original ideas for an unusually shaped mirror in your home is to opt for a semi-circle mirror. Top tip: combine two different colours, so that your two half circles form a whole. For example, a semi-circle mirror in anthracite combined with bronze or gold mirror creates a tasteful whole.

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Order unusually shaped mirror cut to size online

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