IKEA Kallax hack: build an acrylic pedestal

It’s a familiar feature in many homes: the IKEA Kallax cabinet. A much-loved but not very original furniture item. But did you know that you can transform it into a designer-look plant pedestal, using just a few acrylic sheets? Add your favourite houseplant or a special picture and you have a real design feature in your living room. Read on for step by step instructions for this easy Kallax hack.

You’ll need

  • IKEA Kallax cabinet, 77 x 42 cm in size
  • Knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (as thin as possible)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape of ± 1 mm thick

The basis of your Kallax hack

In this example, we’re using gold mirrored acrylic sheets. Of course, you can choose acrylic sheets in any finish and colour you like to suit your decor.

Step 1: Attach your double-sided tape

The cabinet shelf is about 1 mm deeper than the outer edges. Fill this space with double-sided tape of approximately 1 mm thick, so that you can glue the acrylic sheet on straight. Stick the thinner double-sided tape on the other sides. You’ll be attaching the acrylic sheets to this later.

IKEA Kallax hack apply tape
DIY acrylic pedestal remove protective film from tape

Step 2: Attach your acrylic sheets to the back and front

Now it is time to stick the acrylic sheets. First, attach the front piece. Stick double-sided tape on the edges of the cabinet front. Leave the protective film on one side of the acrylic and place the other side against the double-sided tape. Press it firmly into place and then repeat with the back of the case.

Applying acrylic sheet to IKEA Kallax pedestal
Apply acrylic sheets to Kallax closet

Step 3: Attach the acrylic sheets to the sides

Stick a few pieces of double-sided tape on both sides of the cabinet. Then attach the two remaining large acrylic sheets to it. Do the same with the top and bottom of the cabinet and the two smallest sheets. Lastly, remove the protective film and your new acrylic pedestal is ready!

IKEA Kallax hack how to make a pedestal
IKEA Kallax Hack pedestal

Ordering acrylic online

At Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk, you’ll find a wide range of coloured and mirrored acrylic sheet, perfect for creating your unique plant pedestal. We’ll saw the sheets to the exact size you need free of charge.

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