Six home decoration ideas to make yourself

Are you searching for DIY living room accessories ideas? In this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for you. Check out these six home decoration projects!

Home decoration idea # 1. Make your own plant stand

A plant stand is a must-have piece for every living room. And what could be better than to make your own a Kallax cupboard and acrylic sheet in a colour that complements your decor? You can create a unique plant stand in next to no time! Check out our article: “Making a plant stand” for step by step instructions.

Home decoration ideas kallax

Home decoration idea # 2. Make a transparent laptop stand

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a DIY home decor project, but when you’re working from home, you need to have a laptop stand that looks good in the living room. Or rather, one which you hardly notice! This see-through laptop stand is made of crystal clear acrylic sheet, is easy to make and fits in well with contemporary decor. Learn how to make it in our DIY: “Making a laptop stand.”

Home decoration ideas laptop stand

Home decoration idea # 3. Make PERSPEX® tables

You can never have enough attractive side tables. Making a DIY side table with PERSPEX® gives you endless options: from a chic coffee table to neon side tables, it’s easy to make all these fun home accessories yourself. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in the blog “Six ideas for making your own table from PERSPEX®.” Would you prefer to make a stunning table for your bedroom? Check out how to make this super- cool transparent bedside table.

Home decoration ideas perspex table
Home decoration ideas transpartent
Home decoration ideas table

Home decoration idea # 4. Making a key rack for your hallway

When thinking about home decor, let’s not forget the hallway, it’s the first thing everyone notices! This key rack with an integral clock is a must-have home accessory for anyone who has ever lost their keys. Our key rack is a stylish solution to this common problem. Discover how to make this clever key rack in our blog: “Making a DIY key rack.”

Home decoration ideas key hook

Home decoration idea # 5. Create photo shelves in any colour

Would you like to display your favourite photos or pretty plants in your living room, but there aren’t any windowsills? These photo shelves are home accessories that are very to make yourself. Learn how to tackle this project in our blog: “Making a photo shelf from acrylic sheet: three inspirational ideas.”

Home decoration ideas picture shelf
Home decoration ideas picture shelf red

Home decoration idea # 6. Custom mirror wall decoration

Hexagon mirrors, semi-circle mirrors or mirrors in the shape of your favourite text: everything is possible. We can cut your mirror to size in any shape you choose. You can also have letters laser-cut from mirror acrylic. Do you have something very unique in mind? Just upload a DXF file with your own design, and we’ll laser cut your mirror to size accurate to the mm. You’ll find more inspiration for mirror wall decoration in our blog: “Five unusually shaped mirrors for your home.”

Home decoration ideas mirror

Discover more ideas for making DIY home accessories

Are you looking for more fun ideas for making DIY home accessories? You’ll find a wealth of inspiration, advice and expert tips in our blog. Order the materials you require directly in our webshop, and we’ll cut the sheets for you in any desired shape. If you have any more questions about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.