Five IKEA hacks that anyone can make

IKEA furniture and PERSPEX® combine to create a fabulous new piece of furniture for your home. Do you love DIY projects, especially when they won’t hurt your bank account? Discover five IKEA hacks that anyone can do in this blog: great for your home or to give as a gift to someone special!

IKEA hack # 1. Making a light table

Hours of fun for the kids, easy to make and totally budget proof! With this IKEA hack, you can turn a LÄTT children’s table with two chairs and a sheet of opal white PERSPEX® into a light table in no time at all. Let us cut the panel to size, and you’ll put this light table together in a few minutes. Read the step by step instructions in our blog: “Making a light table.”

IKEA hack light table

IKEA hack # 2. IKEA Kallax hack: making a golden plant stand

Do you love gold-toned accessories in your home? Then this IKEA hack using a Kallax cupboard is for you. All you need are cut-to-size gold-coloured PERSPEX® sheets, double-sided tape and a Kallax cupboard. Of course, you can also opt to use another spectacular PERSPEX® colour, such as bronze, anthracite or silver. Discover how to make this statement piece in our blog: “Making a golden plant stand with a Kallax cupboard.”

IKEA hack Kallax plant stand gold

IKEA hack # 3. Customising the IKEA kitchen with a whiteboard

Did you know that you can use the IKEA children’s kitchen from both sides? In this IKEA hack, we show you how to transform your IKEA kitchen into a cake stand, chip shop, or greengrocer. All you have to do is cover the back with high-gloss white acrylic sheet, and voilà, you have an IKEA kitchen with a whiteboard that children will love playing with. Check out the steps in our DIY: “Customise an IKEA kitchen.”

IKEA hack childeren kitchen upgradeJPG

IKEA hack # 4. Making a PERSPEX® table from a LACK table

We all know and love it: the IKEA LACK table. You’ll find at least one in every student house. Even more fun is a LACK table customised with mirrored PERSPEX®, allowing you to create an attractive side or bedside table for a modest cost. Check out how to make it in our DIY: “Making a PERSPEX® table.”

Ikea Hack Lack table plexiglass

IKEA hack # 5. Making a guinea pig hutch from an IKEA cupboard

You can use almost any IKEA cupboard with open spaces for this guinea pig house or guinea pig apartments. From a Besta cupboard to a cabinet from the Hemnes series. Order your custom acrylic sheet and your guinea pigs will have a beautiful new home. Of course, you can also transform your IKEA cupboard into a home for other small animals. Discover more tips in our blog: “Making a guinea pig hutch.”

Planning to get started with an IKEA hack yourself?

Has our blog inspired you to get started with your own IKEA hack? You’ll find all kinds of acrylic sheet in a wide range of colours and thicknesses in our webshop. We saw all the sheet material to size, in any shape you require. If you have a question about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.