How to make an acrylic footstool tray

Many of us have a footstool or an ottoman in the living room – a versatile piece that can be used either as a footstool or as extra seating when required. But did you know that you can also transform your footstool by adding an acrylic footstool tray and using it as a side table? Read our step by step guide and learn how to make a tray using acrylic sheet.

You'll need:

1. Order the acrylic sheet

Measure your footstool carefully to determine the dimensions of your acrylic footstool tray. Choose a colour that complements your interior decor. Acrylic sheet is available in a wide range of different colours, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect shade. Send us the accurate measurements and we’ll saw the sheet for you for free!

2. Decide where to place the handles

Once your acrylic sheet has been delivered, it’s time to decide where the handles should be. Measuring carefully, use a ruler to determine the exact location and mark it with a felt pen. Next, clean both the handles and the acrylic sheet thoroughly so that they are completely free of any marks or grease.

Footstool tray drilling acrylic sheet

Removing protective film acrylic sheet

3. Attach the handles

Attach the handles by glueing or screwing them to the acrylic sheet. If you intend to attach the handles with screws, mark the drill holes on a piece of masking tape, drill at medium speed and let the drill run into an underlying board. If you are going to glue, the best adhesive to use for this job is Rody-Rapid super glue. This is a very powerful adhesive so always wear gloves while glueing. For precision, we recommend applying the glue with a toothpick. Immediately press the handles into position and hold them in place with tape or an adhesive clamp.

Acrylic footstool tray mount handles

Handles footstool tray

4. The finishing touch

Your footstool tray is finished! Polishing the acrylic sheet with Burnus antistatic cleaner will prevent it from attracting dust as it reduces the static charge. Using this product to clean your tray regularly will keep it looking beautiful.

Large footstool tray acrylic
Acrylic footstool tray

If you have any questions about this DIY project or need more information about our range of products, please get in touch with the team at, we’re always happy to help and advise you.