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Tinted acrylic sheets

Our range tinted acrylic sheets can be divided into two sections: decorative and practical. Plasticsheetsshop supplies decorative, tinted acrylic sheets in the colours red, blue, green, yellow and orange in a thickness of 3 millimetres. All tinted acrylic sheets can be cut to any required size with a maximum of 240 by 100 centimetres. Tinted acrylic is transparent, evenly coloured and UV resistant. It is also 30 times more impact resistant than regular glass and weighs much less. This makes them both decorative and practical, suited for interior applications such as bathroom cladding and kitchen splashbacks. Add a subtle backlighting and these sheets take on an entirely new dimension! Read more about the practical tinted sheets and the characteristics at the bottom of this page.

Characteristics of tinted acrylic sheets

The practical tinted acrylic sheets include the colours brown and grey. They are available in a thickness of 3, 5 and 8 millimetres and a maximum sheet size of 305 by 203 centimetres. For tinted acrylic this is the largest sheet size available in our online shop, but we can cut it to a smaller size free of charge. Tinted acrylic sheets offer solar and UV protection and their light and heat reflective properties make them an ideal choice for the replacement of windows. Other outdoor applications for tinted acrylic sheets are secondary glazing, boat windows and windbreakers for animal shelters.

Tinted acrylic sheets are an outstanding material for DIY projects. The sheets are easy to work with using standard DIY tools. Even without a lot of experience you can easily cut, saw or drill an acrylic sheet. Bending an acrylic sheet requires heating it in an oven or with a heat gun. Acrylic plastic is a thermoplastic material, meaning the sheets will soften as they are heated. Compared to regular glass, acrylic only has one main downside: it’s more likely to get scratched. Scratches can be easily removed by polishing the surface. Tinted acrylic sheeting lends itself to a wide range of versatile applications, so please contact us if you would like more information.