5 ideas for making a headboard for your bed

Placing a headboard behind your bed completely transforms your bedroom. There are endless options for making a headboard for your bed or divan. Here are five simple, stylish ideas for making a headboard using acrylic that will turn any bed into a design statement.

# 1. Make a bed headboard with photos

Clear acrylic allows you to create a personalised headboard for your bed in next to no time. How about a DIY headboard with a collage of your favourite photos? You’ll drift off to sleep every night with your mind filled with happy memories. For a single bed, use two 4 mm thick clear acrylic sheets measuring 100 cm wide x 75 cm high. You’ll also need 6 spacers. Use moulded acrylic as you need to drill holes for the spacers. Place photos between the sheets and attach them with double-sided tape to stop them slipping.

# 2. Making a headboard with coloured acrylic

Give your bed a stylish look by making your own headboard from coloured acrylic sheet. For a matte black headboard, use 4 mm thick acrylic sheet in satin ebony. These acrylic sheets come with both a glossy and a matte side, so you can have a shiny headboard if you prefer. Attach your acrylic headboard to the wall with Bostik Prep K primer and Seal’n’bond adhesive and voilà, your DIY headboard is ready.

# 3. Making a mosaic headboard

Let your imagination run free and create a mosaic of matt and glossy acrylic sheet as a headboard. Mix and match different colours and attach the pieces to the wall with Bostik Seal’n’bond adhesive with Prep K or Seal’n’bond Premium H750 adhesive. Plan the size of the pieces before you place your order, and we will cut them for you free of charge.

# 4. Making a floating headboard from acrylic with LED headboard lighting

Instead of a floating ceiling, which you can learn how to make in our blog “DIY: making plastic toilet ceiling”, you can also easily create the illusion of a floating headboard using acrylic sheet. Simply attach a wooden framework to the wall and add LED strips to the sides of the battens. Connect the LED lighting and then seal the acrylic sheet to the frame using Seal’n’bond Premium H750 mounting kit. The result is simply stunning. For precise step-by-step instructions, check out the DIY mentioned above.

# 5. A foamed PVC wallpaper panel as a headboard

Of course, your headboard doesn’t have to be exactly the same width as your bed. Anything is possible if you make your own headboard. For example, a wallpaper panel used as a headboard will transform your bed into a real eye-catcher. Using only 6mm thick foamed PVC, your favourite wallpaper and double-sided tape, you can create this headboard in no time at all. If you like changing the look of your bedroom often, a wallpaper panel made of foamed PVC is essential! it’s easy to change it into a new headboard by pasting different wallpaper on it. You’ll find the exact steps in this blog: Create your own wallpaper panel.

DIY wall panel

Are you making your own headboard?

Has this blog inspired you to make your own headboard? In our webshop, you’ll find a wide range of coloured acrylic sheets, clear perspex, tinted perspex and more. Let us know the dimensions you need, and we’ll cut your headboard to size for free. If you’re not sure about the thickness you need, please consult our free thickness aid.

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