Bostik adhesive set High Tack and Prep K
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Bostik adhesive set High Tack and Prep K

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Description Bostik adhesive set High Tack and Prep K

This adhesive set is designed to seal and fasten solid PVC, foamed PVC and aluminium composite to almost every construction material. For fastening aluminium composite with Bostik High Tack adhesive, it is recommended to pre-treat the surface with Bostik primer Prep K. The adhesive set High Tack and Prep K contains two Bostik High Tack adhesive tubes and a container of Bostik primer prep K. This combination is required when fastening solid PVC, foamed PVC and aluminium composite. Due to the high initial adhesive bond, it is often unnecessary to use clamps or supports while the adhesive dries.

Bostik High Tack comes in a standard 290 ml tube and requires a caulking gun for application. The primer Prep K ensures a strong adhesive bond between the plastic and the surface below. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to pre-treat the plastic sheet with the primer before applying the adhesive. The white adhesive is easy to work with and dries evenly. After application; the adhesive remains flexible, so it can cope with the possible expansion of the bonded materials. Some materials can expand due to temperature differences. One tube allows you to cover 9 metres with the adhesive. After opening the adhesive has a shelf life of 12 months.


  • 2x 290 ml High Tack H980 tubes
  • Colour: White
  • Remains flexible after application
  • After opening High Tack has a 12-month shelf life
  • 1x 500 ml container of Bostik primer Prep K


The use of Bostik primer Prep M is recommended when fastening solid PVC