Superglue Rody-Rapid
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Superglue Rody-Rapid

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Description Superglue Rody-Rapid

Rody-Rapid is a multifunctional superglue that is suitable for all smooth and porous plastics with the exception of aluminium composite panels and PE.

This superglue comes in a 20 ml tube and it is the absolute best in its kind. Make sure to clean the surface before you apply the glue, the surface needs to be free of dust and grease. Put a small amount of Rody-Rapid on the surface and place the two surfaces together. Secure both parts by using tape or a clamp. After opening the tube, Rody-Rapid has a shelf life of three months. Keep the open tube in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life. We recommend wearing protective gloves when working with Rody-Rapid superglue.


  • Content: 20 millilitres
  • After opening Rody-Rapid has a shelf life of 3 months


  • Suitable for dense plastics such as acrylic, solid PVC and HPL
  • Suitable for porous plastics such as foamed PVC / Foamex
  • The glue is not suitable for aluminium composite panels / Dibond
  • After applying the glue, fixate the parts to ensure a strong hold
  • Use protective gloves when working with Rody-Rapid