Bathroom wall panels

Plastic bathroom wall panels offer many advantages for your bathroom. A transparent perspex shower enclosure not only gives a more spacious look but is also much more hygienic than a shower curtain. Trespa® panels are also ideal for bathrooms. They are hygienic, durable and resistant to moisture.

Trespa® for bathroom wall cladding

Trespa® panels were originally developed for use in environments where hygiene is important, such as in healthcare and in the food industry. This material is very suitable for these applications because it is resistant to dirt and very easy to clean, requiring just a wipe with a damp cloth and a few drops of mild detergent. As well as plastic bathroom walls, Trespa® can also be used in many other settings. For inspiration about the ways in which plastic sheets can be used in interior design, view our blog posts for tips and ideas about working with plastic wall cladding.

Trespa® is renowned for being a very low maintenance material and is resistant to bending and impact damage. In recent years, Trespa® has become one of the most widely used materials for interior applications, and this is thanks not only to its functionality but also to its good looks. The wide range of colours and finishes available makes the material very popular with interior designers for wall finishes in locations such as shower rooms and changing areas. Whether gloss, matte or textured, there’s a plastic sheet to suit every taste. To find out more, read our blog about the Trespa® colour range.

Plastic bathroom wall panels HPL colours

Large sheets, very strong and quick and easy to clean

Trespa® is also often seen in domestic bathrooms; Trespa® shower enclosures using Trespa® Meteon® panels are increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional tiles. Unlike a tiled wall which will unavoidably be interrupted by joints where one tile meets another, a wall can be constructed from a single large Trespa® panel. This gives an elegant, seamless appearance and makes cleaning the shower an absolute breeze.

Trespa® panels are very sturdy and are almost unbreakable. They are also totally impermeable to both water and dirt, so that shower rooms finished in this material are very easy to clean. However, if you live in a hard water area, we recommend gloss or matte sheets rather than Trespa® in textured finishes to avoid any buildup of limescale.

Cut to size for free, easy to machine, easy to fix

In our webshop, you will find a comprehensive range of Trespa® and own brand HPL sheets. We will cut them to the exact size you need for free. For a Trespa® shower enclosure which has no taps or shower rail attached, 6 mm thickness is adequate. If you’re going to fix materials on the panel, we recommend a sheet 10 mm in thickness. This thickness is also recommended when you need to drill holes for a shower faucet. Trespa® is easy to work with good DIY tools, you will find the most important tips in our blog about sawing Trespa®.

Trespa bathroom wall panels
A Trespa® shower wall can be attached in a variety of ways: directly on to an existing tiled wall or on a framework. The framework must be constructed of material resistant to temperature changes and moisture. We recommend using a glue with an adhesive connection, such as Bostik Paneltack, to fix the sheets for a strong, durable bond. Using screws to fix the panels means that moisture will eventually seep behind the panel. To make the shower enclosure waterproof, the panels must be properly sealed all round with a flexible glue. Allow a joint seam of around 4mm.