Suction cups (4 pieces)
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Suction cups (4 pieces)

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Description Suction cups (4 pieces)

This set of 4 suction cups can be used to attach nameplates, signs and (temporary) privacy glazing to glass and other smooth surfaces. The flexible rubber cups make the process of attaching and detaching easy. The high quality silicone material remains flexible and will not harden or dry out over time, guaranteeing a long hold.

The suction cups are especially designed for attaching to smooth surfaces, such as glass and plastics. For optimal suction, we recommend slightly moistening the inside of the suction cup before applying it to the surface. Each suction cup comes with a small stem with a detachable cap to facilitate removing and replacement of the suction cups. For a strong hold, press down on the cup to remove all air from underneath.


  • 4 pieces in a set
  • Includes short stem with cap
  • Produced from qualitative, flexible rubber
  • Diameter per suction cup: 40 mm, length of the thread: 10mm, diameter of the thread: 3 mm


  • Suitable for attaching to glass, acrylic and other smooth surfaces
  • The short stem facilitates easy placement
  • For optimal bearing strength slightly wet the cup and remove all air from below