Torx bit (per piece)
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Torx bit (per piece)

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4.3 / 167 ratings
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4.3 / 167 ratings

Description Torx bit (per piece)

A Torx bit is required for attaching Trespa® or HPL sheets using our special Trespa® screws. These screws have a TX 20 Torx head. This matching Torx bit ensures good grip to place a screw without damaging the protective top layer of the screws and the sheets. It is even possible to attach screws at an angle without losing grip. Due to the shape of its head, a Torx screw requires less force. The Torx bit is made of strong, high quality tool steel. The bit will not deform, even when screwing into tough materials such as hardwood and metal.


In our online shop you can order the Torx bit per piece. We recommend ordering a set of two or more bits. The bits have a TX 20 size, are 25 millimetres long and fits into most standard bit holders with a ¼ inch hexagon in accordance to DIN 3126/ISO 1173. This matches the required size for our special Trespa® screws.