HPL drill for High Pressure Laminate
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HPL drill for High Pressure Laminate

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Description HPL drill for High Pressure Laminate

The HPL drill is especially designed for drilling through High Pressure Laminate material and Trespa® sheets. The use of this drill ensures an optimal result and the exact required diameter for the Trespa® screws. The drill is designed to drill through the hard material without damaging the surrounding sheet.

The HPL drill has a distinctive shaped point made from hard tool metal. This shape helps the drill centre itself to prevent it from faltering and to enhance the disposal of drilling material. Keep in mind that the sheet must not start smoking while drilling the hole. To prevent this, you can start drilling slowly and increase the drilling speed gradually. A tip: drilling into Trespa® sheets requires a bit of practice. If possible, use a disposable piece of HPL to practice on.


  • Hard tool metal point
  • Diameter drill: 8 mm
  • The diameter matches the required size for our Trespa® screws


  • Suitable for drilling in HPL and Trespa® sheets
  • The drill centres easily due to special shaped point
  • The drill will not damage the surrounding sheet material
  • The shape of the drill ensures an excellent disposal of drilling material