Ceiling Clip Set
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Ceiling Clip Set

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Description Ceiling Clip Set

With this ceiling clip set, you’ll have your hanging acrylic screen attached to a suspended ceiling in next to no time. The ceiling clip set can be used in combination with our hanging system for PERSPEX® screens or acrylic screens. Suitable for PERSPEX® sheets or acrylic sheets with a thickness of 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm. You can order the suspension system and the acrylic sheet separately in the exact dimensions you want. We will saw the acrylic sheet to size for you free of charge.


This ceiling clip set consists of 2 clips and is suitable only for system ceilings.

Suspension system ceiling clip set

  • Use in combination with suspension system.
  • Suspension system not included.
  • Acrylic sheet not included.
  • Suitable for a maximum load of 15 kg, if mounted correctly.

Attaching the ceiling clip to the suspension system

Are you going to use the ceiling clip with the suspension system? Attach it using an M4 screw and bolt that you tighten through the hole in the ceiling clip.
PLEASE NOTE: M4 screw and bolt not included.

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