Trespa® colours

The choice for Trespa® is quickly made, given the material’s properties and applicability, but then comes a much trickier choice: what colour do you choose? Trespa® offers a wide range of colours, as well as patterns and reliefs. This does not make the choice any easier, which is why in this blog we would like to take a closer look at Trespa®’s colour range. We hope your colour choice is as easy as choosing Trespa®.

Trespa® colours and motifs

From the outset, Trespa® has been available in uni colours. Trespa® currently has just under 80 uni colours in its range. These solid colours are not available for all Trespa® sheets, but vary per product group. Trespa® Meteon® sheets are currently available in 67 different solid colours.

Colours trespa

Trespa metallic colours

The number of metallic colours in the range is much smaller, fourteen in total. However, this does not mean that less variation is possible with metallic colours, because the strength of metallic colours lies in their changing hue, which depends on the incidence of light.

A natural look with Trespa® sheets

Trespa® also supplies sheets with different patterns, for example: the Wood Decors and the Naturals. As the name suggests, Wood Decors are wood motifs. The range currently includes 32 wood motifs, the colour tones range from white – beige – light brown – dark brown – black. Red and grey shades run in between these. Even from a short distance, the motifs resemble real wood, so the look of the Wood Decors is very convincing and appealing. The big advantage over real wood is the durability and maintenance. No type of wood lasts 40 years in all weathers without maintenance, let alone without deforming or discolouring. Trespa®’s Naturals, reflect natural materials, such as earthenware, stone colours and metals. The range features twelve Naturals, including terracotta, quartz, basalt, patinated copper and oxidised steel. These Naturals are available as Trespa® Meteon® sheets. The latest addition to the colour range are the Fantasy & Speckles, nine motifs with speckles and splashes in the panel colour. These are currently only available for TopLab sheets, these sheets are used in laboratories as worktops and finishes.

Trespa wooden look

Wood Decors wood motifs

Variation in finishes – different top layers Trespa® supplies sheets – depending on the colour and motif – with different top coats. These top coats determine the amount of gloss and relief. Only the Wood Decors and Naturals come with a matt top layer, otherwise the look and feel would not match the natural material. In addition, the Wood Decors and uni colours are available in silk gloss. The Rock finish is available in combination with metallic and uni colours.

aluminium grey trespa

Order all Trespa® colours online

There is no shortage of variation and possibilities. Cutting, gluing, mounting and maintaining all Trespa® sheets is the same, regardless of colour and relief. We have the most popular Trespa® colours and reliefs in stock and you can order the sheets cut-to-size in our webshop. Your order will be cut-to-size and delivered as soon as possible.