Is there an alternative to Trespa®?

The brand name Trespa® has become synonymous with High Pressure Laminate sheets, which would almost make you forget that there are several suppliers of such sheets. The so-called HPL sheets are composed of wood fibres, paper and phenolic resin. These materials are compressed under very high pressure, hence the name ‘High Pressure’. HPL sheets are widely used in residential and commercial construction, the sign industry and machine construction. The best-known application in residential construction is the use of HPL sheets as plastic fascia or wall cladding. In the advertising and signage world, the sheets are used as signs/boards, but also as milled-out letters and logos. HPL sheets are easy to engrave and are therefore ideally suited as signposts and nameplates. Because of their strength, HPL sheets are used in mechanical engineering to shield moving parts.

Trespa® synonymous with HPL sheets

Trespa® is the world market leader in HPL panels. Currently, Trespa® has four product lines: Uni Colours, Metallics, Wood Decors and Naturals. The Uni Colours and Metallics are available with different surface finishes: Satin (silk gloss), Rock (Relief) and Gloss (high gloss). The Wood Decors have a wood-look finish, optionally in satin or plain matt. The Naturals are only available in matt finish.

Alternatives to Trespa®

As mentioned, Trespa® is not the only supplier of HPL sheets, there are several manufacturers marketing HPL sheets under their own brand names. Abet, Ki-Kern, Volkern® and Plastica are some of these manufacturers. HPL board material is also known as compact board. At Plasticsheetsshop, in addition to the original sheets from the Trespa® brand as an alternative, we also have our own private label HPL sheets, these are of high quality and favourably priced.