Polycarbonate prices

We supply polycarbonate in various thicknesses and in three different appearances: crystal clear, opal white and tinted. As with acrylic, there are different types of polycarbonate, and polycarbonate prices can therefore also vary. In this article, we explain the different types of polycarbonate and what factors affect the price.

Solid polycarbonate sheets and channel sheets

Besides the regular solid polycarbonate sheets, there are also so-called channel sheets. These are extruded sheets used for translucent (roof) constructions or greenhouses. Channel sheets have full-length ‘baffles’ that obstruct a free view. We do not supply polycarbonate channel sheets, but only solid (monolithic) polycarbonate.

Production determines the price

Polycarbonate is a versatile plastic, it is usually used for products that must withstand high loads. It is widely used for food packaging materials. However, this polycarbonate must be produced according to a special guideline, because polycarbonate can secrete Bisphenol. This substance is harmful to health and therefore the polycarbonate must be manufactured according to a specific process. This obviously affects the cost price.

Polycarbonate sheets are produced using a less complicated process, so the cost price is also lower. The prices can still vary depending on the colour, by nature polycarbonate is crystal clear, coloured polycarbonate is slightly more expensive. In addition to clear polycarbonate, we also supply opal white and tinted polycarbonate.

Worldwide production, prices vary

Because of its strength, polycarbonate is a widely used plastic, and subsequently produced all over the world. Many producers in emerging markets can supply polycarbonate at favourable prices, but the quality of these suppliers is not yet proven. By product quality, we also mean consistent dimensions and even colour and clarity. If the thickness or colour of the polycarbonate varies even slightly, it will immediately impact the ‘see-through’ effect. A polycarbonate sheet with thickness differences gives a kind of smile-mirror effect. That is why we only supply polycarbonate from reputable suppliers, so you are assured of high-quality polycarbonate sheets at a good price.