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White aluminium composite panels

Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk stocks a large range of white aluminium composite panels. The signal white panels have RAL colour 9003. An aluminium sandwich sheet consists of a polythene core that is covered on both sides by an aluminium top layer. The sheets are especially designed for sign makers and they are extremely well suited for outdoor use. However, the material is also often implemented for interior purposes. Removing parts of the sheet by sawing, drilling or milling is a piece of cake and the possibilities of this material are endless. The surface of the material is suitable for printing and painting and it is UV resistant, which is why aluminium composite panels are so popular in the advertising industry. We stock aluminium composite panels in the sheet thicknesses: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm. The standard finish is a white matt look. However, the 3-millimetre sheets are also available in a white and coloured gloss finish. Our white aluminium composite panels have a maximum sheet size of 240 by 100 centimetres.

Characteristics of white aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels are produced by a number of companies, the best-known brands are Alupanel and Dibond®. The sandwich panel consists out of several layers. Just like all aluminium sandwich panels our sheets are shaped by a polythene core with thin aluminium top layers. The tough polythene core, also known as PE, is insusceptible for moisture, UV radiation and ambient temperatures. The material is easy to work with and is slightly pliable, meaning the aluminium composite panels can bend a little without retaining this new shape. The top layers are made of 0.3 mm aluminium, another material that is easy to work with. Any sawing, drilling, milling and gluing is easy to accomplish. When gluing aluminium composite panels, we recommend using the quality products from Bostik. Cleaning the aluminium composite panels is effortless, all that is required is a mild cleaning product and a soft cloth.

Aluminium composite panels are especially designed for the sign making industry. Both the white and the coloured sheets are suitable for many different printing techniques. An extra advantage is the fact that aluminium composite is a relatively lightweight material, making any advertising sign easy to handle and transport. Aluminium composite panels are insusceptible for ambient temperatures, meaning that the amount of thermal expansion will be minimal. With a temperature difference of 100 degrees Celsius the thermal expansion will only be 2.4 mm per meter. Aluminium composite panels are suited for temperatures between -50° Celsius and +90° Celsius. Additionally, the material is durable, and the top layers can cope with acids, alkalis, oils and strong solvents.