Plastic wall panels

Once in a while you get the itch, something needs to be altered in the house! Maybe it’s the kitchen splashback because it’s damaged? Or are you tired of the shower wall because you can’t clean it anymore? Plastic wall sheets offer the ideal solution to quickly and affordably give a room a new, sleek look. On this page, we give you a number of examples and ideas using HPL, Alupanel or acrylic wall panels.

Suitable products

Why plastic wall cladding?

The various plastics each bring their own advantages. Acrylic sheet is completely moisture-resistant and hygienic. It is also a strong plastic, making it suitable for use as a wall or ceiling panel. Trespa® is often used as an exterior material for façade cladding, among other things, but due to the dense, impervious top layer, HPL is also extremely suitable for wet areas.

Alupanel has a plastic core and an aluminium outer layer. These materials are very moisture- and temperature-resistant. This makes Alupanel perfect for indoor applications. The plastics are all available in an extensive range of colours and designs, so there is something for everyone.

A modern twist in the bathroom: a plastic shower enclosure

Not demolishing but still renovating? Use plastic wall cladding in the bathroom! Have you had enough of the old tiled wall because it can no longer be cleaned properly? Then plastic panels offer a good solution. HPL and acrylic sheet are the two best options because they can be easily mounted on the old tiled wall. In addition, they are made to measure in our webshop. The panels can be ordered in large sizes, up to 305 x 205 centimetres. You do not need to drill for the mounting of these plastic panels; use Bostik mounting glue for the best result.

HPL is a good choice for a shower enclosure because it is impervious to dirt and water. Use Bostik Paneltack mounting glue with a caulking gun to fix an HPL shower enclosure. For shower enclosures that do not require drilling, the standard thickness of 6 millimetres is sufficient. If you are going to mount a faucet or shower rails, then a panel thickness of 10 millimetres is better. We explain the best ways to saw and fix HPL plates in our blogs “Sawing Trespa®” and “Attaching Trespa®”.

The smooth, high-gloss look of Plexiglass gives a modern finish in the bathroom. Acrylate can be used as a plastic wall covering in the shower for several reasons: the panels are water-resistant, it is very strong and hygienic and the panels are available in various colours. Choose the opaque version so that you do not see the substrate through the plate. We recommend 6 millimetres as the minimum sheet thickness. You can read all the tips and tricks on installing an acrylic shower enclosure in our blog “Acrylic shower enclosure“.

Not only the bathroom but also the toilet can be refurbished with a similar plastic wall cladding. This way you can easily and affordably create a modern, fresh look.

Alupanel wall

Alupanel kitchen splashback: a sleek look and feel

Alupanel aluminium composite is a material that is made up of three layers. In the middle is a polyethene core with a layer of aluminium on both outer sides. The panels are available in a large number of colours, but a brushed aluminium version is a great option for a kitchen splashback. This has the appearance of expensive stainless steel but is much stronger and cheaper. Alupanel is very useful in the kitchen because it is easy to clean, heat-resistant and impact-resistant. It is a lightweight plastic and therefore does not need much glue for assembly. This makes it easy to dismantle the panel again.

Alupanel can be ordered in our webshop in sizes up to 150 x 305 cm – we saw the sheets for you for free. All the supplies for glueing the plastic are also available in our webshop. Before glueing, make sure that the wall is completely flat, then apply Bostik Hightack mounting glue a centimetre from the edge, every 15 centimetres. Place the panels against the wall, keeping a gap of 3 millimetres between the panels and along the bottom edge. If everything is flat and true, the gaps and edges can then be sealed.

Acrylic shower wall

Create a unique ceiling

Give a boring shop ceiling a stylish twist. Use the beautiful, high-gloss versions of acrylic or Alupanel to replace all or part of the ceiling panels, turning an inconspicuous ceiling into a real eye-catcher. Order beautiful, new ceiling panels in the perfect colour: the choice is huge. With Alupanel, you can choose from more than 14 different colours and designs, with Plexiglass there are no fewer than 20. Remove an old panel from the suspended ceiling and measure it. Then order the desired colour from our webshop and we will saw everything for you customised for free!

Keeping plastics clean

HPL requires almost no maintenance because it is impervious to dirt. However, you will have to clean a shower enclosure regularly. In our blog “Trespa® cleaning and maintenance” we explain the best way to do this. If you opt for an acrylic wall, read here how to best maintain it.

Alupanel panels can be cleaned with a mild shampoo and a soft cloth, for example, use Kenotek Brilliant Wash shampoo. Note: with sanded panels, make sure you never use abrasives such as Cif as this disrupts the surface pattern and gives annoying reflections.