Polishing cloths (package of 5)
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Polishing cloths (package of 5)

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4.3 / 167 ratings
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4.3 / 167 ratings

Description Polishing cloths (package of 5)

This set of 5 high quality microfibre cloths is especially designed for the manual polishing and cleaning of plastic sheets. It is suited to use in combination with both oil- and water-based polishes and all manner of cleaning agents. The set of 5 microfibre polishing cloths is ideal for regular maintenance and polishing jobs on acrylic and polycarbonate plastics. In addition, these cloths can be used to dust and clean these plastics without scratching the surface. Treating static sheets with an anti-static cleaner is recommended and this can be done using the microfibre cloths.


  • Set of five microfibre polishing and cleaning cloths
  • Size cloths: 40 x 40 cm


  • Suited for manually polishing acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Suited for oil- and water-based polishes
  • Suited for polishing smooth surfaces
  • Suited for dusting off acrylic without scratching
  • Tip: treat static materials with Burnus anti-static cleaner to reduce the static load