DIY: memo board

A memo board is always useful, whether for yourself or to give as a present. Stay organised by sticking post-it notes with shopping or to-do lists. And if you make your own memo board from acrylic sheet, you’re creating a real statement piece for your home. In this blog, we’re going to give you step by step instructions on how you can easily make a stylish DIY memo board using black gloss acrylic.

You'll need:

The basis for your DIY memo board: acrylic sheet

To make the acrylic memo board, we’re using a 5 mm thick black gloss acrylic sheet with measurements of 90 x 60 cm. Acrylic sheet (also known as Plexiglass) is twice as light and thirty times stronger than standard glass. This type of plastic sheet is also easy to process. If you’d rather make a whiteboard instead, opt for white acrylic or white gloss alupanel.

DIY memo board

Memo board made from acrylic

Step 1: Drill the holes in the acrylic sheet

If you’re going to use panel holders, skip this step. If you’re using spacers, you’ll need to drill holes in the acrylic sheet. First, drill a hole of 10 mm diameter in each corner. Place a wooden board under the acrylic into which the drill can run. Ensure that the acrylic is properly supported. Then mark 4 drill holes about 2.5 cm from the edges of the sheet and drill.

Tip: Check out our tips on drilling acrylic to make light work of this task.

Step 2: Drill the holes in the wall

Before attaching the memo board to the wall, you’ll first have to drill some holes in the surface. Mark the drill holes on the wall, using a spirit level to make sure they’re straight. If you’re using the spacers from our webshop, drill a 5 mm hole that the plug will fit exactly.

Step 3: Hanging the memo board

Insert the plugs into the wall and screw in the spacer feet. Then position the acrylic sheet against the spacers and turn the heads against it. Be careful not to overtighten them as this could damage the acrylic. If your memo board’s securely fixed and hanging straight, it’s ready to use. Stick post-it notes on it or, if you’ve used white plexiglass, you can write on it with whiteboard markers.

Fix panel holder on the wall
Fix a panel holder
Panel holder close up
Fixing memo board panel holder

Tip: To stop your acrylic memo board from attracting dust, we recommend cleaning it occasionally using Burnus antistatic cleaner. Dry the memo board with a microfibre cloth to keep it shiny. For more information, watch this handy video with tips on how to clean acrylic.

Order black plexiglass cut to the size you need

Are you inspired to get started and are you ready to order black acrylic? It’s easy at and we’ll cut the sheet to size for you for free. For more information and tips about working with acrylic sheet, view our blog section or contact us, we’re always glad to advise you.

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