Extruded acrylic sheets

At Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk we stock a variety of extruded acrylic sheets. The thickness varies between 2 and 20 millimetres and the extruded acrylic sheets are available in clear and opal white. Extruded acrylic has an excellent price-quality ratio. The sheets are especially suited for applications that do not require pressure on the sheets, for example: town house windows and shop displays. Extruded acrylic is the top choice if you are not planning on working on the sheet yourself. We cut the sheets to size free of charge and we will have them ready for delivery within 48 hours.

Characteristics of extruded acrylic sheets

Extruded acrylic, also called acrylic XT or cheap acrylic, is poured into large sheets during production. Contrary to cast acrylic, extruded acrylic sheets are heavily rolled until they reach the required thickness. This technique has the advantage of creating greater volumes of sheeting from the same raw material. Unfortunately, it also increases the internal tension in the material. Since the same amount of raw material results in a larger end product, extruded sheets are cheaper than cast sheets. The internal tension in extruded acrylic sheets leaves them vulnerable when the surface is compromised by sawing or drilling. With the right preparations and tools extruded acrylic is workable. Extruded acrylic weighs half as much as regular glass and it is much stronger, as it is 30 times more impact resistant. Extruded acrylic is the smart choice for static applications that don’t require a lot of pressure, for example: windows, displays and greenhouses.