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Everything you need to know about cast acrylic sheets (GS)

At we stock a variety of cast acrylic sheets with a maximum sheet size of 305 by 203 centimetres. The thickness varies between 3 and 30 millimetres and the cast acrylic sheets are available in the colours: clear, opal white, coloured, tinted, matt, mirrored, fluorescent. Due to the production method, cast acrylic is well-suited for alterations such as drilling, sawing, bending, milling, painting, engraving and more. We cut all cast acrylic sheets to size and they will be ready for transport within 48 hours.

Characteristics of cast acrylic sheets

Cast acrylic, also called acrylic GS, is a high-quality plastic that is much more suitable for alterations than extruded acrylic. Due to the production method, where the raw liquid material is poured into sheets, cast acrylic has almost no internal tension. This reduces the chance that the sheet will break when drilling or sawing into them. Cast acrylic distinguishes itself with its impact, UV and weather resistant qualities. In comparison to regular glass, acrylic material is 30 times more impact resistant and it weighs 50% less. These qualities make the material suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Types of cast acrylic sheets

Our range of cast acrylic sheets consist of clearopal whitecoloured and tinted sheets. Additionally, we stock a range of frosted sheets, meaning that one side of the sheet is matt. This version is often used for decorative of privacy purposes. The sheets are cut to size and come with a protective film on both sides to prevent damage from transport and handling.


The cast acrylic sheets are available in sheet thicknesses: 2mm3mm4mm5mm6mm8mm10mm12mm15mm20mm25mm and 30mm. Acrylic is well-suited for a variety of applications, such as: displays, showcases, secondary glazing, decorations, boat windows, canopies, sound barriers, interior design and name plates.


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