Vuplex plastic cleaner 235 ml
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Vuplex plastic cleaner 235 ml

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Description Vuplex plastic cleaner 235 ml

VuPlex® anti-static cleaner (235 ml) has been specially developed for cleaning plexiglass, acrylic, perspex, PVC and other plastic sheet materials. Using an anti-static cleaner prevents a static charge of these materials. This stops them from attracting dust and other abrasive materials, such as sand and dirt, and therefore helps to prevent scratches.

VuPlex® anti-static cleaner consists of safe ingredients, suitable for plastic, that protect the surface. VuPlex® not only cleans your plastic sheet material, but it also applies a fine coating to the surface, which protects the plastic against (micro) scratches. The wax layer also ensures that your sheet material is protected against water and weather conditions that can cause ageing and reduced clarity. VuPlex® will also restore the appearance and shine of plastic materials.


  • Contents: 235 ml.
  • Suitable for clear and/or coloured plastic/plexiglass, polished metal and painted surfaces.
  • Gives a glossy result in just a few seconds, without any sticky or greasy residue.

Handy hints

  • Make sure you shake the can of VuPlex® well before use.
  • Spray the VuPlex® on the surface you want to clean and rub out the cleaning agent using a soft microfibre cloth.