Laser cutting PERSPEX®: everything you need to know

What is PERSPEX® laser cutting? Laser cutting is the ideal method for anyone who needs a clear acrylic circle, heart, arrow, triangle or hexagon shape. It’s best to have your bespoke PERSPEX® shape laser cut by a professional. After all, nothing is more accurate than a laser beam. In this blog, you can find all the information you need about acrylic laser cutting.

Are you going to laser cut yourself?

When you laser an acrylic sheet containing dye, burning, which is visible as a black deposit on the edges, can sometimes occur. This applies to coloured panels thicker than 3 mm and white acrylic sheets.

What is PERSPEX® laser cutting?

PERSPEX® laser cutting is a processing technique with which shapes can be cut to size from acrylic sheet using a laser beam. This laser beam is less than 0.1 mm wide and heats the desired shape, such as a PERSPEX® circle, to the nearest mm. The laser beam vaporises the sheet material. Because you don’t exert any pressure on the acrylic sheet with laser cutting, the desired shape will come out undamaged. It’s possible to compare PERSPEX® laser cutting with milling, although they are two different processing techniques. PERSPEX® shapes are lasered up to 15 mm thick, thicknesses above that we mill to size. Rectangular PERSPEX® sheets are sawn, lasered or milled if necessary.

What is the difference between acrylic laser cutting and acrylic milling?

The main differences between acrylic laser cutting compared to acrylic milling are the speed and the finish of the edges. Whereas the edges of the PERSPEX® are transparent and smooth when they’re lasered, milling often leaves the edges duller, and you’ll need to finish it further for the best effect. With a laser cutter, it’s also relatively easier to cut shapes accurately from PERSPEX®, and therefore there’s only a minimal material loss.

perspex laser cutting

What are the advantages of acrylic laser cutting?

A significant advantage of acrylic lasering is that the finish of the cut shape means that post-processing is usually unnecessary. The edges of the sheet remain transparent and smooth during lasering, which gives a beautiful result. PERSPEX® laser cutting also allows for millimetre precision. The advantages of acrylic laser cutting at a glance:

    • Fast and simple
    • No post-processing required
    • Efficient
    • Beautiful result
    • Any shape is possible

What are the applications of PERSPEX® laser cutting?

PERSPEX® laser cutting has a wide range of applications, from a PERSPEX® circle for model making to a PERSPEX® triangle for an acrylic trophy. Laser cutting of house numbers and letters is also popular, and this method is also widely used in advertising.

Order PERSPEX® shapes custom cut by Plastic sheets shop

Would you like to have acrylic shapes cut to size? Let us laser cut your PERSPEX® in the shape of your choice. Whether you want an acrylic circle, oval, hexagon or triangle, we can laser it for you. Order your shape on the product page of the type of acrylic sheet you require, set the correct dimensions/diameter, and we’ll do the rest. If you have any questions about this blog or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.