Bathtub tray

Do you have a bath at home? Then why not add a bath tray to it? A bath tray is ideal for putting a book or phone on, without worrying about them getting wet. Besides, a bath tray on your bath just looks nice. You can easily make one yourself from Acrylic.

What is a bath tray?

A bath tray or board is a wonderful addition to your bathroom that is both functional and beautiful. You place the tray over the bath, giving you a handy little table to put your things on while bathing.

bath tray acrylic

Advantages of a plastic acrylic bath tray

Acrylic bath shelves have a modern, sleek look that goes well with many contemporary bathroom designs. Their transparent nature allows them to be visually light, making the room appear larger.

✓ Durability

Acrylic is a strong material that is resistant to breakage. It will not crack or split like wood or bamboo.

✓ Maintenance

Acrylic is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. You can simply wipe it with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. It is also water resistant and will not warp, making it ideal for use in a bathroom environment.

✓ Safety

Acrylic is safer than ordinary glass. If it does happen to break, acrylic will break into large, blunt pieces, unlike the sharp shards when ordinary glass breaks.

Step by step guide

Making your own bath tray? Check out our handy step-by-step guide: ”Make your own bath board

Disadvantages of acrylic bath trays

H2- Disadvantages of acrylic bath trays
Although acrylic bath trays are convenient and fit many bathrooms, they also have some disadvantages. To get a full picture, we have listed these below….

– Scratch sensitivity

Although acrylic is durable, it is more susceptible to scratches than other materials. If you are not careful, everyday objects like keys or jewellery can cause scratches.

– Price

Acrylic can be more expensive than other materials such as wood. However, the higher cost can be offset by its durability and low maintenance requirements.

– Not everyone likes the modern look of acrylic

While some people appreciate the modern look of acrylic, others prefer the natural warmth and texture of wood or bamboo. Of course, this is subjective and dependent on personal preferences.

Order bath tray cut to size

A big advantage of plastic bath trays is that you can have everything cut-to-size. Not only the length and width, but also the angled corners can be cut-to-size for you in advance. Easy to order and delivered custom-made. You can do this easily on the product page of your acrylic sheet of choice.

Preferably choose a slightly thicker sheet, such as 15 mm, so that it cannot bend. A slightly thinner sheet is also possible, but consider in advance how strong your sheet needs to be. The minimum thickness needed for a bath tray that does not have to bear much weight and is not too big is 5 mm.

For complicated shapes, send us your DXF file. You can find our extensive tutorial on Onshape and creating a DXF file here. You can then upload this file to us when you place your order.


Choosing the right bath tray can significantly enhance your bathing experience. Whether you choose plastic, wood or bamboo, each bath tray brings its own benefits. The most important thing is that the tray matches your bath and your personal style.

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