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Everything you need to know about acrylic mirror sheets (XT)

You can easily order a customised mirror with our acrylic mirror sheets (XT), which has the same effect as a glass mirror. Mirrored acrylic is also called an acrylic mirror.

It’s also handy to know that all acrylic mirrors are extruded. This means that the liquid acrylic was forced into a sheet shape during the manufacturing process. It is then rolled to the intended sheet thickness. This is a fast continuous way to produce the acrylic. This makes extruded acrylic more economical than cast acrylic. However, the extrusion process does put stress on the sheet. So be a little more careful when processing it.

Why choose an acrylic mirror?

Acrylic mirrors are:

  • Many times stronger than glass and therefore safer

  • Much lighter than glass, making installation easier

  • Ordering shapes and processing it yourself is possible


Acrylic mirrors have several advantages over traditional glass mirrors. In the table below, we compare both materials:

Feature Acrylic Mirrors Traditional glass mirrors
Safety Less breakable, safer when broken. More chance of shards and cuts when broken.
Weight Lighter, easier to handle and install. Heavier, more difficult to handle and install.
Flexibility in design Can be cut and shaped to size. Less flexible in size and shape.
Cost Often cheaper, especially for larger sizes. Can be more expensive, especially for larger sizes.
Transport Easier and less risky to transport. More difficult and potentially dangerous to transport.

Acrylic has many advantages over glass, but is slightly more susceptible to scratching. Scratches however, can be easily removed by polishing the sheets. We recommend treating the sheet with an anti-static cleaner immediately after installation. This ensures that the sheet stays clean and dust-free for longer and is easier to clean. This will also prevent scratches.

Applications of acrylic mirror

Acrylic mirror sheets have a wide range of applications, from stand and exhibition construction to interior design and sign making. You can also easily use it to make a make-up mirror or dressing mirror.

A real eye-catcher is a mirrored plant stand, or be inspired by our 5 special shaped acrylic mirrors that can be milled to size. And last but not least, a mirror makes your room look bigger and brighter! Adding to the many reasons to use this acrylic mirror material.

Types of acrylic mirror sheets

You will find different colours and sheet thicknesses, in our range of acrylic mirrors. Silver mirror acrylic is available in both 3 mm and 5 mm thickness. Bronze, gold, red, anthracite and blue colours can only be ordered in a 3 mm thickness.


Machining possibilities

Acrylic mirrors can be fixed with double-sided tape, glue or a screw connection through the sheet. Due to the production method (extrusion), there is tension on the sheet. This tension is released when you saw or drill into the material. This can cause your sheet to crack faster. Mirrored acrylic can be milled and engraved, provided you are careful.

Mounting method Suitable? Explanation
Mounting on a flat wall + Ensure the surface is smooth and flat. Unevenness may cause bumps.
Mounting with adhesive + Use the Mirrorfix mounting kit and distribute evenly. Avoid accumulation of adhesive.
Mounting with spacers + Use a spacer every 30 cm. Insufficient spacers may cause the mirror to bulge.
Mounting on large surface (wall filling) - Acrylic mirror sheets are too flexible for large surfaces. There is a risk of a funhouse mirror effect.
Freestanding placement - Acrylic mirror sheets are highly flexible and will bend if not mounted.
Mounted in humid environment - The mirror film may rust upon contact with moisture. Use a frame or cover in damp areas (bathroom/garden).

Maintenance of acrylic

Cleaning and keeping acrylic clean requires a little more attention than cleaning traditional glass. This is because acrylic is more susceptible to scratching.

Order your customised acrylic mirror

You can easily order your customised acrylic mirror in the following steps:

  • Choose product. Go to the product page of the acrylic mirror sheet of your choice.
  • Enter desired number of sheets and dimensionsEnter the desired shape and dimensions in the calculator. For a special shape, you can add your own DXF File drawing!
  • Add ready-made operations. You can also add drill holes or a cut-out from each sheet.
  • Order. Add the acrylic mirror to your shopping basket, and order now!

You will receive your order as soon as possible. We will keep you informed of the order status via e-mail.

Each sheet comes with a protective film on both sides. Are you going to process the sheet yourself? Just leave the foil in place and remove it when you mount the mirror.



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