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Everything you need to know about matte acrylic sheets

Frosted acrylic sheet is 2 x as light and 30 x as strong as standard glass and makes an excellent replacement for traditional glass in, for example, pass doors and counters. The sheets are also easy to work, even by the DIYer.

Applications of frosted acrylic sheet

Our frosted acrylic sheets can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The satin colours fit into any interior and lend themselves well to plastic wall panels in showers, kitchens and treatment rooms. Frosted perspex sheets are also ideal for privacy glazing in, for example, office buildings.

Types of frosted acrylic sheet

We offer frosted acrylic in two versions: acrylic frost and acrylic satin. Frosted acrylic is clear in colour, opaque, but allows light to pass through. Frosted acrylic with a satin finish keeps out light. This version is available in cream, clay, cement and anthracite. We supply satin finish perspex cut to size in the sheet thickness 4 mm. The frosted version can be ordered in thicknesses from 3 mm up to and including 20 mm.

Working with frosted acrylic

Frosted acrylic is, just like other moulded acrylic sheets, strong, durable and easy to work with. You can mill, engrave, drill, bend (hot), glue, saw and polish.

Properties of frosted perspex

  • 30 x as strong and 2 x as light as traditional glass
  • UV resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Cleaning frosted acrylic

Cleaning and keeping frosted acrylic looking its best requires a little more attention than cleaning traditional glass as it is more scratch-sensitive. 


At Plasticsheetsshop we stock a wide range of matt acrylic sheets, which we can supply in a thickness from 3 to 20 millimetres. Of course you can have any matt sheet cut to size. The range of matt acrylic includes two finishes: clear frosted and satin. In contrast to the clear frosted version, the satin finish is completely opaque with a satin look coating. The frosted acrylic sheets have one matt, textured side. Consequently, it allows light to shine through, while still being opaque. Thinner sheets can be used as secondary glazing while thicker sheets can be used to replace glass windows.

Characteristics of matt acrylic sheets

The range of satin acrylic sheets contains five neutral colours: crème, clay, cement, anthracite and ebony. These sheets are available in a thickness of 4 millimetres. The colours are suited for most modern interiors and are widely implemented in bathrooms, kitchens and clinical areas like treatment rooms. The material is exceptionally strong and can be used in decorative and practical situations.

Acrylic is 30 times more impact resistant than regular glass, yet it only weighs half as much. This makes it an ideal replacement for traditional glass structures – on balconies and walkways, for example. The sheets are very easy to work with, even an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can saw, drill and bend an acrylic sheet without any problems. Using standard DIY tools, acrylic sheets are an excellent material for home handyman projects. In addition, we are happy to cut any sheets to your exact requirements. This will ensure your work has smooth edges which are safe and true.

Ordering frosted acrylic sheets cut to size

Order your frosted acrylic sheets from us easily and quickly. We will cut them to size for you for free – bear in mind that the thickness can deviate approximately 10%. We will deliver your order as soon as possible and you will receive updates about the status of the order via email.


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