Due to the coronavirus, we are experiencing some delivery issues. Therefore, the delivery time is longer than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the expected delivery time of my order?

We produce the orders at our sawmill and prepare them for shipping within 1-5 working days. The delivery times stated on the product pages are always current. Due to overloading of the logistics network in the UK, your order may take longer than usual to be delivered.

What are the shipping costs?

Our shipping costs are based on the size and weight of the total order. On our shipping costs information page, you can read more about our fees and the way we calculate the shipping costs.

Is it possible to have my order shipped to a pick up point?

Unfortunately, this is not an option since we do not have a warehouse to offer this possibility.

Is it possible to return products?

This is only possible if you ordered a fixed size sheet and you can return it to us in new condition with the original packaging intact. The costs for returning a product are for your own account. If you would like to return a product to us, please contact our customer service team, so we can give you the information on the return procedure. After receiving your return package in good condition, we will reimburse you for the order amount that you payed. It is not possible to return custom made, cut to size sheets. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

How long do you offer guarantee on your products?

Our products have a standard guarantee of six months. For more information on guarantee, please check out our terms and conditions and the product description.

How do I contact the Plasticsheetsshop customer service?

You can use the contact information below to get in touch with our customer service team:

You can reach our customer service team by phone on Monday to Friday from 9.00 am till 6.00 pm. Or, you can send an e-mail to info@plasticsheetsshop.co.uk 24/7 and we will get back to you as soon as possible on the next business day.

Why can’t I place an order?

Our online shop is designed in accordance to the latest techniques. Some older versions of web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) might have difficulties supporting all the latest features. If you are having trouble placing an order in our online shop, we would advise you to download and install the latest version of Chrome web browser. You can find the latest update by clicking here.

Why is there an extra charge when I order custom shapes?
Lasering or milling custom shapes is a more complex operation than sawing rectangular sheets, so we add a shape surcharge of € XX per shape. If you order multiple products with the same shape and dimensions, you pay the additional fee only once. If you order multiple products with different shapes, you pay the additional fee multiplied by the number of shapes. Of course, we still saw our rectangular sheets to size for free.
How can I order a sample of a plastic sheet?

On each product page you can order a sample of the sheet, with the exception of whole PVC sheets. You can simply order a sample by clicking on ‘order sample’. The cost for ordering up to 4 samples are £7.00 excl. VAT, we don’t charge shipping costs for samples. After completing the payment, you will receive a discount coupon worth £7.00 excluding VAT, meaning the samples won’t cost you anything if you place an order with us.

Which available payment methods are offered?

On Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk you can always make your payment in a secure payment area. You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro)
  • PayPal

Unfortunately you can’t pay by invoice after receiving the order. We have chosen an online strategy which enables us to keep our prices low and our shipment fast. This is only possible if our customers pay upfront, so we won’t have to employ an expensive administration company to keep track of the accounting. This method allows us to offer our customers a competitive price.

Will I receive an invoice with my order?

Each order comes with an invoice that complies with all legal requirements.

Is it possible to contact Plasticsheetsshop for custom advice?

Yes, it is no problem to contact us for any advice. We are happy to help you choose the right plastic sheet material and/or accessories for your personal project.

Telephone number: +44 (0) 122 39 76 701
E-mail address: info@plasticsheetsshop.co.uk

How can I be sure that a product is in stock?

Generally, all the products in our online shop are in stock. If you want to be sure, please call our customer service team and they can check the real-time stock for you.

Do you deliver in other countries?

Yes, outside of the UK, we also deliver in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Why do you charge e a ‘small order fee’'?

Plasticsheetsshop.co.uk applies a small order fee if your total order amount is lower than our minimal order amount of £10.00 excluding shipping costs. For example: if you order a small sheet priced at £6.00, we will add the small order fee of £4.00 to reach the minimum amount of £10.00.

What is the smallest sheet size that I can order?

Plasticsheetsshop operates with a minimal sheet size of 100 cm2 per sheet. The minimal length and width are 10 cm.

What is the minimal unit price?

Plasticsheetsshop operates with a minimal unit price of £3.00 excluding VAT and shipping costs.

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