Dibond® vs Alupanel: is there any difference?

Is there any difference between Dibond® and Alupanel? The short answer is no. But to elaborate a little, Alupanel is a well-known brand offering these aluminium sandwich panels, and Dibond® is another brand of these sheets. But it’s only the brand name Alupanel that has become generic. So if you come across a product sold as Dibond® or Alupanel, you can assume that it is an aluminium sandwich panel.

What is an aluminium sandwich panel?

A sandwich panel consists of three layers. The innermost layer consists of polyethylene, a black plastic; this core is insensitive to moisture, temperature differences and UV influences. The outer two layers consist of 0.3 mm thick aluminium. Thanks to this construction method, the panels are lightweight and easy to machine. These panels are widely used in outdoor advertising applications.

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acp dibond colours

Dibond® versus Alupanel

Apart from the name, there is no difference between Dibond® and Alupanel. They are both aluminium sandwich panels with the same finishes. You can order white Dibond® in our webshop. We also offer aluminium panels in several colours.

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Order custom-cut Alupanel

Are you planning to order custom-cut Alupanel sheets? We saw the sheets of our own brand and Dibond® customised for you free of charge. If you have any questions about this blog or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.