Clear cast (GS) acrylic sheet 12 mm
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Clear cast (GS) acrylic sheet 12 mm

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Description Clear cast (GS) acrylic sheet 12 mm

Acrylic sheet is widely used as a replacement for glass. These transparent coloured sheets are not only thirty times stronger than glass, but also half the weight.
This type of acrylic is called “cast acrylic”. This material was cast into large sheets during production, making the sheet stress-free. This makes this clear acrylic suitable for extensive processing such as sawing, drilling, milling and (hot) bending.


The acrylic sheets are UV-resistant, making them highly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The sheet has a thickness tolerance of +/- 10 % of the thickness. This means that the thickness of the plate can actually differ from the thickness stated on this page. The sheets are supplied with a protective film on both sides and are sawn to the required size for free.

Product properties

Material properties

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  • Color
  • Physical characteristics
    Clear, Smooth
  • Protective film
    Both sides

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This clear acrylic sheet 12mm is made of cast acrylic (GS). This acrylic is very suitable for operations such as sawing, drilling, milling and (hot) bending.


The acrylic sheet is UV resistant, therefore it is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor applications. Often, acrylic is used as a replacement for glass because it is lightweight, strong and has a high transparency.

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