Zvizzer Heavy Cut plastic polish
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Zvizzer Heavy Cut plastic polish

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Description Zvizzer Heavy Cut plastic polish

Zvizzer Heavy Cut polish is a coarse-grain plastic polish suited for acrylic and polycarbonate. The Heavy Cut polish deals with deeper scratches and dull spots. We recommend using a clean polishing cloth or disc when applying Zvizzer Heavy Cut plastic polish. Spread the polish evenly on the damaged area and gradually increase the polishing speed. Press down on the sheet lightly to smooth out the scratches. Once the scratches are gone, you can use Zvizzer Fine cut to get the sheet back to its original crystal-clear state. Because Zvizzer is a water-based polish, is will be easy to judge the polishing progress. Unlike oil-based polishes, a water-based polish does not fill up scratches, making them easy to see while doing the job.


  • Content: 250 millilitres
  • Water-based polish with a coarse grain
  • Use: circa 25 – 30 m2 per bottle


  • Suited for polishing acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Suited for flat sheets and tougher polishing jobs
  • The water-based polish makes it easy to judge the polishing progress
  • Use in combination with all polishing sets in our assortment
  • Use in combination with Zvizzer Fine Cut polish for a crystal-clear result