Tinted polycarbonate sheet brown 5 mm
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Tinted polycarbonate sheet brown 5 mm

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4.3 / 167 ratings

Description Tinted polycarbonate sheet brown 5 mm

This polycarbonate sheet is tinted brown and has a thickness of 5 mm. The material is also available in the colours opal and clear. Tinted polycarbonate is often chosen because the material is practically unbreakable, UV-resistant and resistant. This makes these sheets suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Does your project require a different size than our standard sizes? Then we will saw the plate for you for free. On delivery, they are provided with protective film on both sides.


Tinted polycarbonate is UV resistant, 250 times stronger and half the weight of ordinary glass. It is more scratch-sensitive. We therefore recommend that you polish the plates to maintain transparency. Do you want to keep them clean and dust-free for a long time? Then clean the plates with an anti-static cleaner.

Product properties

Material Properties

  • Physical characteristics
    Smooth, Tinted
  • Protective film
    Both sides

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Processing options

This tinted polycarbonate sheet is easy to machine. You can bend the material (hot), set (cold), drill, saw, mill, turn, engrave, glue and polish. This sheet is 3mm thick.


The tinted polycarbonate sheet is UV resistant and weather resistant. This means you can use it for both indoor and outdoor applications. Think for example of boat windows, showcases and billboard displays.

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