Boat window replacement

Boat window: an essential part of your boat

The feeling of the wind in your hair as you cruise along the water is priceless. But have you ever noticed how important a boat window is to this experience? On this page, you will discover everything you want to know about boat windows.

  • Fully customised
  • 30x stronger than ordinary glass
  • Affordable solution

What is a boat window?

A boat window is simply a window on a boat. But it is so much more than just a window. Not only does it offer a view of the beautiful scenery all around, but it also serves as protection from wind and weather. Think splashing water, rain or a strong gust of wind.

Different types of boat windows
There are many types of boat windows, varying in size, shape and material. They can be fixed, sliding or hinged, depending on the design and preference of the boat owner.

The importance of a good boat window
A good boat window not only improves the look and aesthetics of the boat, but also contributes to safety. It protects you from adverse weather conditions and prevents water from entering the boat. Not exactly unimportant…

How to choose the right boat window?
When choosing a boat window, there are several factors to consider. These include material, size, shape and installation.

Boat window materials

Boat windows can be made of different materials, such as acrylic or tempered glass. But what exactly are these materials, and why are they suitable as boat windows?

  • Acrylic boat windows: Acrylic, also known as plexiglass or Perspex®, is lightweight, can take a beating and offers a clear view. It is easy to maintain, and what’s more, it is easy to order in any shape and size from Plasticsheetsshop.
  • Toughened glass boat windows: Toughened glass is extremely strong and resistant to breakage. It also offers a clear view and has a high resistance to scratching.
  • Polycarbonate boat window: Polycarbonate is also a popular choice for boat windows. This material is particularly robust and has high impact resistance, meaning it can withstand strong impact without breaking. Moreover, polycarbonate has high light transmission for bright and clear views. Thus, polycarbonate is like the big brother of acrylic.

The advantages of plastic boat windows over glass

When choosing the right material for a boat window, there are many options. Two of the most prominent choices are acrylic and polycarbonate. These plastics are an excellent alternative to traditional glass thanks to their lightweight, high impact resistance and clarity. Let’s compare these materials with toughened glass:

Acrylic Polycarbonate Toughened glass
Weight + + + + - -
Impact resistance + + + -
Scratch resistance - - +
Clarity + + + + + +
Price + - - -

Size and shape of the boat window

The size and shape of the boat window depend on the design of the boat. When choosing the right size and shape, you should consider the available space and the purpose of the window. 

If you order your acrylic or polycarbonate sheet from us. Then we can deliver it completely made-to-measure and in any desired shape. So any shape and size is possible! You can order it within a few clicks on the product page of your sheet of choice.

Replace boat window frame – disassembly

Normally, boat windows are contained in a rubber window frame. To dismantle the window you have to disassemble the complete window, including the rubber window frame. This requires two pairs of hands: one person bends the rubber frame, while the second person pushes the window out.

In the case of older acrylic windows, bear in mind that the window can break, which can lead to injuries. Always wear gloves when you push the window out. When the window is disassembled, the rubber window seal can be removed. It is advisable to clean the window frame well in soapy water using a mild household detergent, such as green soap. You can make rigid window frames smooth by greasing them with fabric softener. Leave it on overnight and the rubber will become smooth again.

Determine the size of the new boat window and cut it to shape

The new window has exactly the same dimensions as the old window. Measure the window well, measuring twice to be extra sure. In our webshop, you fill in the sizes you require and we deliver the window in a rectangular shape. This may mean that you have to saw the rounded shape of the corners yourself, the tips in the cutting acrylic sheet and sawing polycarbonate blogs give the most important tips for sawing. Stick masking tape over the window foil and draw the cutting line on it. This prevents the window from being damaged during cutting.

Boat window replacement

Mount boat window frame

Lubricate the rubber window frame with Vaseline on both sides, this allows you to correct the position of the boat window in the frame when the rubber seal is placed in position.. Then apply the window rubber around the new window. Check that the rubber fits well all around and that the corners also fit snugly around the corners of the window.

Then lay a cord in the outer edge of the window seal, the cord should lie tightly in the rubber and the ends should protrude at least 20 centimetres, preferably in the middle of the top edge. Now place the boat window in the opening, with the bottom first. With two pairs of hands, the window can then be mounted into the aperture. Press the window slightly on the outside and guide the window seal around the rebate. Due to the tight fit, the rubber will eventually become difficult to fold in the rebate. Then pull the cord to bend the lip of the rubber seal outwards and press the boat windshield into place so that it is well bedded into the rebate.


A boat window is an essential part of your boat. Not only does it offer a great view to the outside, it also protects you from the elements. Choosing the right boat window and taking care of its maintenance can significantly improve your boating experience.

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