Screw white with nylon washer (25 pieces)
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Screw white with nylon washer (25 pieces)

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Description Screw white RAL 9016 with nylon washer (25 pieces)

These screws are very suitable for a fixed installation of your internal or external secondary glazing. The fixed installation with screws is an alternative to the installation with glazing clips.

To install your secondary glazing with screws, there must be holes in it. For additional ease of use, you can request us to laser these holes ready-made in your sheet when you order.

Below you will find what requirements your frames must meet for a fixed screw installation.

Fixed installation with screws
Frame thickness at least 3 cm
Frame suitable for drilling and screwing
No protruding handles or hinges
Longest side of window maximum 3 metres
For secondary glazing larger than 2 metres, choose thicker secondary glazing: 5 mm


Here’s what you need to know about this Screw white RAL 9016 with nylon washer per 25 pieces:

  • Contents: 25 screws white RAL 9016, 25 nylon washers
  • Screw diameter: 4.8 mm
  • Screw length: 38 mm
  • M6 nylon washer
  • Outer diameter of ring: 12 mm
  • Inside diameter of ring: 6.4 mm


The table below shows how many screws you will need per side. Complete your order with secondary glazing, insulation tape, anti-static cloth and anti-static cleaner.

Side in cm Screws per side
20 - 49 cm 2
50 - 89 cm 3
90 - 129 cm 4
130 - 169 cm 5
170 - 200 cm 6

Installation of secondary glazing with screws

Do not over-tighten the screws against the secondary glazing, and use a low speed on your drill. The nylon washers largely absorb the tension of the screw heads and are a suitable combination with acrylic and polycarbonate. The screws can be screwed in with torx bit T20.

Apply these screws with washers in combination with secondary glazing. Read the step-by-step guide on how to get started yourself. Among other things, you can read there that when using these screws, you should first pre-drill with a 3 mm wood drill bit.

See the video below on how to install your fixed secondary glazing with screws.