Secondary glazing acrylic 4 mm
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Secondary glazing acrylic 4 mm

£ 42.95 / m²  Excl. VAT
£ 51.54 / m²  Incl. VAT

In stock: 1000+ m2
Estimated delivery period: 28 February - 13 March

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Description Secondary glazing acrylic 4 mm

Clear acrylic secondary glazing 4 mm thick is an easy and budget-friendly way to successfully insulate single-glazed windows and thus save on your energy bills. Secondary glazing is an extra window that you simply mount on an existing window. Besides insulation, secondary glazing gives extra protection to the window and acts as a soundproofing device.

You can easily order this made-to-measure secondary glazing, including all necessary materials for installation. With our step-by-step guide and instructional video, installing your secondary glazing becomes child’s play.


Acrylic has several properties that make it the ideal material for secondary glazing. We have listed the advantages for you below.

  • Insulates for heat and sound
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low-maintenance
  • As clear as glass

Product properties

Material properties

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  • Color
  • Physical characteristics
    Clear, Smooth

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We recommend always fitting secondary glazing with glazing clips if possible. This way, you can quickly remove the secondary glazing for cleaning and then easily replace it. If this is not possible due to the structural situation, we recommend the fixed installation with screws.

The table below shows how many glazing clips you will need per side. Complete your order with insulation tape, glazing clips, anti-static cloth and anti-static cleaner.

Side in cm Clips per side
20 - 49 cm 2
50 - 89 cm 3
90 - 129 cm 4
130 - 169 cm 5
170 - 200 cm 6

Installation of secondary glazing

See the video below on how to install your secondary glazing.


Take care when cleaning acrylic. Do not use glass cleaner or similar products when cleaning. This is because using aggressive cleaning agents can cause secondary glazing to become dull. Always use an anti-static cloth and an anti-static cleaner. Check out our blog on cleaning acrylic, to see how best to clean your secondary glazing.

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