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Clear polycarbonate sheet 2 mm

Clear polycarbonate sheet 2 mm

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Description Clear polycarbonate sheet 2 mm

Polycarbonate is a sturdy, hard and transparent material. This polycarbonate sheet is 2mm thick and transparent in colour. This material is often used as a substitute for glass because it is just as clear and 250 times stronger. Add to that its self-extinguishing and fire-retardant properties and you have the perfect material for safety glazing. On delivery, they are provided with protective film on both sides. We saw the polycarbonate sheet for you for free.


Clear polycarbonate sheets are extremely resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. The sheets do not yellow in the sun; this makes this material very suitable for outdoor applications. Clear polycarbonate is a bit more scratch-sensitive than glass. We therefore recommend that you polish the sheets to maintain clarity. Do you want to keep them clean and dust-free for a long time? Then clean the plates with an anti-static cleaner.

Material Properties

Specific mass gr/cm3 1,2
Mechanical properties (at 20°C)
Flexural strength N/mm 68,7
Stretch to breakage % >110
High pressure strength N/mm2 78,5
E. Modules N/mm2 2256,0
Indentation strength J/m2 392,4
Impact resistance KJ/m2 No breakage
Tensile strength N/mm2 68,7
Friction coefficient 0,6
Water absorption at 20°C RV 65% % 0,2
Water absorption at 20°C RV 100% % 0,4
Thermal properties
processing temperature (Vivat) °C 170,0
Melting temperature °C 170,0
Linear expansion coefficient °C 67.10-6
Thermal conduction W/(k.m) 0,2
Specific heat KJ/(kg.K) I,17
Maximum permissible temperature, without load °C 130,0
Minimum permissible temperature, without load °C -100
Electrical properties
Dielectric contstant 3,0
Dielectric loss factor tg 0,0009
Breakdown voltage kV/mm 35
Surface resistance Ω >10 15
Specific resistance Ω.cm 10 14

Indoor / outdoor use

  • Inside
  • Outside

Indoor / outdoor space

  • Can be cleaned with alcohol
  • Chemically resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Light sheet material
  • Moisture-proof
  • UV resistant
  • Vandal-proof

Processing options

This super sturdy polycarbonate sheet is easy to machine. You can drill, saw, mill, rotate, engrave, glue, polish and bend the material on the fold line without tearing it. This sheet is 2 mm thick.


Clear polycarbonate sheets are regularly used as glazing for locations vulnerable to vandalism and burglary such as bus shelters, bicycle sheds and waiting areas. You can also use this material as a replacement for caravan, boat and car windows.

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