Black splashbacks

Order your new black kitchen splashback in any size within a few clicks. This way, you will have a new black kitchen back wall professionally sawn to size and ready to install in just a few minutes. Mounting this black back wall is then very easy. On this page you will find, among other things, a practical video in which we explain step-by-step how to install a kitchen splashback.

In our wide variety of colours and variations of kitchen back panels, you can be sure that there is always one that meets your wishes! Want to be sure that this black back panel will fit your kitchen perfectly? Then order a sample first, to see how this black colour works in your kitchen.

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Here you can find some examples of different black kitchen back panels. Which style will you choose? Go for a classy look with the back aluminium composite panel, or for an industrial and rugged look with a kitchen back panel made of HPL. Whatever style you are looking for, with this black kitchen back panel you can be sure that your kitchen will be a real eye-catcher!


What materials are most suitable?

A black kitchen back wall is available in the materials ACP, acrylic and HPL. We are eager to tell you more about these materials.

Alupanel (aluminium composite) is usually chosen as a kitchen back panel because of the specific characteristics and appearance of the material. Black Alupanel has a beautiful brushed finish, giving it a particularly aesthetic effect in a kitchen.

Acrylic has a satin finish, giving a classy look in the kitchen. However, please note that you cannot place acrylic behind the burners, as it may be deformed by the heat.

HPL is a very hygienic material and therefore also very suitable as a kitchen back panel. These kitchen back splashes all have a high durability, are easy to keep clean, and are also a lot more affordable than other materials such as tiles or stone!

Our advice

Listed below are our most popular black kitchen splashbacks. Their sleek and stylish look combined with the right features make them the perfect backsplashes.

Have you made your pick? You can then easily and conveniently order your new kitchen back panel in the size you need by using the configurator on our product pages.

Are you interested in other suitable kitchen splashbacks? On the following page you will find all of our plastic kitchen splashbacks.

The benefits of a black kitchen splashback

In the table below you can see how ACP compares to other materials. Tiles, for example, are less easy to keep hygienically clean and require an expensive professional to install. And in contrast to other materials, black Alupanel kitchen back panels are easier to maintain hygienically and are water-resistant.

Please note that plastic (ACP, Acrylic and HPL) may deform or discolour at high temperatures. For example, steam or heat from a kettle or pan should not come into contact with the plastic kitchen splashback.

When exposed to high temperatures, plastic may deform or discolour. Therefore, the plastic kitchen splashback should not come into contact with steam or heat from, for example, a kettle or pan.

Black ACP Glass Tiles Stainless steel Laminate
Cost + - - - +
Hygiene + + + + - + + + +
Ease of installation + + + - + + +
Durability + + + + + + + + +
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Order your sample

  1. Order 4 samples now for £ 5.- (excl. VAT) with free shipping. Each additional sample costs £ 1.25. The samples are 5 x 5 cm with a standard thickness.
  2. In return, we will give you a discount code worth £ 5.- that you can use with your next order.

Ordering a cut-to-size kitchen splashback

You can order your cut-to-size kitchen splashback easily and quickly using the configurator at the top of our product pages. You can order the sheet in any size you want, or upload your own DXF file. When making a DXF-file, please be aware of the drawing rules. After you have made your order, we will immediately start working on your panel. We will keep you informed of the process by email.

Installing the splashback yourself?

The installation of a plastic kitchen splashback is easy to do, even for an inexperienced DIY-er. To make the installation as easy as possible, we offer you some useful tools to make the process a bit smoother. For example, have a look at our practical step-by-step instructions. It shows you the best way to install a plastic kitchen splashback and also includes a video with extra instructions.

Maintaining a black splashback

A black acrylic kitchen splashback does not generally require much maintenance. Just clean it when it gets dirty, preferably with an antistatic cleaner and a soft cloth. And if scratches have appeared on the black plate, you can remove them with our polishing agents.

Black Alupanel is best maintained with a mild cleaner in combination with a soft cloth. Always rinse off the mild detergent with water after cleaning.

It is not recommended to clean black ACP in full sunlight, as the cleaning agent dissolves too quickly and can leave stains. It is strongly advised against cleaning black Alupanel with an abrasive agent, as this will damage the coating. In addition, it is not wise to clean black Alupanel with alkaline or solvent cleaning agents, also to prevent damage.

Black HPL is almost completely maintenance free. This durable panel only needs to be cleaned when dirty. Furthermore, black HPL requires little or no other maintenance.


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