DIY wallpaper panel without glueing

A foam PVC wallpaper panel is a quick and easy way to refresh your interior decor without all the mess of paintbrushes, tools or wallpaper glue. In this DIY, we’re going to show you how to make a wallpaper panel yourself in a few easy steps. A fun project that any DIYer can tackle!

Requirements for DIY wallpaper panel:

  • Foamed PVC (thickness depends on the size of the panel)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Wallpaper of your choice
  • Craft knife
  • Double-sided carpet tape to hang the wallpaper panel

The basics of making a foam wallpaper panel

Before you begin making your wallpaper panel, decide where you’re going to hang it. Perhaps a bedroom wallpaper panel? A wallpaper panel for the living room is also a popular feature. Choose a wallpaper that complements your decor and adjust the measurements of your panel to the space available. It is also important to remember that foamed PVC can bend slightly, so choose the correct thickness of the panel for the size. In this example, we’re making a wallpaper panel measuring 50 cm wide x 125 cm high. We’re using a 3 mm thick foamed PVC sheet for this.

Supplies diy wallpaper panel
Result pvc wallpaper panel

What type of wallpaper should I use?

The most popular types of wallpaper are paper wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper is strong, resistant to moisture and is easy to clean. Non-woven types are easy to apply and also to remove. Paper wallpaper is usually the cheapest type and is available in a vast range of patterns, textures and colours. Paper wallpaper is probably the best choice for this project. This type of wallpaper has the slight disadvantage of not being as strong as the other kinds, but for this purpose, it doesn’t present any problems. The foam wallpaper panel can easily be attached to the wall with carpet tape.

Getting started: apply the wallpaper to your panel

If you’ve gathered together everything you need, let’s get started. Making a DIY wallpaper panel is very easy. Cover the foam board with your chosen wallpaper using wallpaper paste. NB: with paper wallpaper, spread the paste on the wallpaper, not on the panel.


To prevent sagging, we recommend hanging the wallpaper panel using carpet tape or a frame.

Tip: Are you going to move your wallpaper panel around to different positions in your home? Adjust the length and width measurements to a size that suits every room.

Step 1: Order your sandwich panel ready cut to size

When you’ve decided on the dimensions of your wallpaper panel, order your foamed PVC sheet directly in our webshop. We’ll cut the sheet for you free of charge.

Advantages of using foamed PVC for a wallpaper panel:

  • Versatile and cheap
  • Thanks to the plastic foam core and laminating layer on both sides, easy to attach with double-sided tape
  • No messing around with wallpaper glue
  • Sanding is not necessary
  • Light in weight and therefore easy to hang

Step 2: Choose the wallpaper for your wallpaper panel

Look for a wallpaper that suits your style of interior decor: botanical, industrial, rural, etc. The most commonly used types of wallpaper are vinyl wall covering, non-woven wallpaper and traditional paper wallpaper. Vinyl wall covering is sturdy, water-resistant and easy to clean. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to apply and is also easy to remove. Paper wallpaper is a very affordable type of wallpaper, which is available in many different colours and textures. If you’re keeping an eye on your budget, we recommend using paper wallpaper for this project. It might not be as strong as other types of wallpaper, but because you aren’t using wallpaper glue, that doesn’t matter.

Tip: Do you want to make a wallpaper panel that you can use on either side? If so, choose two types of wallpaper in contrasting styles. This allows you to bring two completely different atmospheres to your living space. In this case, don’t make the wallpaper panel too large as otherwise, it may bend.

Supplies diy wallpaper panel

Result pvc wallpaper panel

Step 3: Making your wallpaper panel

Once you’ve assembled all the materials, you can get started. It’s very straightforward to make a wallpaper panel. You can attach your chosen wallpaper to the panel using double-sided tape. Be careful to attach the double-sided tape not only to the edges but also apply some horizontal and vertical strips in the centre of the wallpaper panel. This gives the neatest result.

Apply wallpaper on PVC panel
PVC wallpaper panel
Wallpaper on PVC panel
DIY wallpaper panel - Cut wallpaper to size

Step 4: Hanging your wallpaper panel

There are several options for hanging your wallpaper panel. The simplest way is to attach the panel to your wall with adhesive strips. For a really professional job, use a rebate in which you can click the panel. You can order a ready-to-use rebate or make it yourself from a piece of wood. In the photos below, we demonstrate how to hang a wallpaper panel using carpet tape.

Cut the tape to size
Apply wallpaper with tape
Remove protective film of the tape
wallpaper panel DIY

Buying foamed PVC for a wallpaper panel

Has our blog inspired you to make a wallpaper panel yourself? Order your foamed PVC sheet directly in our webshop with the measurements you require. We’ll cut the sheet for you free of charge and ensure that you receive your order as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this job or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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