Melamine Power Sponge (package of 5)
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Melamine Power Sponge (package of 5)

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Description Melamine Power Sponge (package of 5)

A Melamine Power Sponge removes difficult-to-remove stains and scratches from the top layer of our HPL sheets. The Power Sponge works deep into the surface of HPL and you don’t even need soapy water.


The Melamine Power Sponge is great for cleaning the top layer of HPL. This is because the melamine material acts deeply on surfaces, so you don’t need any suds. Challenging stains and small scratches can thus be removed quickly and easily from the Nano-Technology top layer of our HPL with the Power Sponge.


To use, wet the Power Sponge and wring it out lightly. Then lightly brush the surface to be cleaned. You don’t need detergent, water is enough.


  • Do not use dry. Always use water first
  • Do not clean painted or varnished surfaces with the Power Sponge
  • Do not use in combination with detergents
  • Keep out of reach of children


You can use the Power Sponge, for example, for your HPL balcony cladding, facade cladding or HPL table top.